Why providing a service online is a great option for WAHMs

You might be thinking of becoming a work at home mom (WAHM) and making money online. There are many options for WAHMs who want to earn money on the internet. Many of them are choosing to start a service business and provide their service online. If you have a skill or talent that people would pay you for, that might be good option for you too.

Here are some reasons why providing a service online is great option for WAHMs.

Use a talent or skill you already have. 

You probably already have a talent or a skill that people will pay you to provide for them as a service. This may be something you went to school to learn, or that you learned in the workplace. Just because you’ve decided to work from home doesn’t mean that your skill has to go to waste. You can continue to develop your skill and use it to serve others in your service business. 

Usually can work whenever you want

When you provide a service online, you can usually work whenever you want. You can reply to emails late at night after your kids are sleeping. You can do your work whenever is convenient for you, as long as you’re meeting your deadlines. Occasionally, a client might want to call you at a certain time during the day, but you will usually be able to plan that around your family’s schedule.

You don’t have to get gussied up. 

When you worked outside of the home, sometimes just getting ready for work may have been a job all by itself. When you provide a service on the internet, there is no need to get gussied up to go to work. You can work in pyjamas or in the clothes you wore to the park with the kids. Since no one will see you from behind your computer monitor, you don’t even need to worry about doing your hair or wearing makeup if you don’t want to.

Low costs to set up a service business 

There are minimal costs to setting up an online service business. You will need to set aside a space in your home to work. You may need a business line or a fax machine. A website is a must, as is an email address. You will also need any equipment necessary for providing your service. 

However, these things usually don’t cost very much. Also, they are significantly less than if you were to set up a service business where you met with people face to face. Then you would need an official office space, which is much more expensive. 

Lots of other WAHMs online to network with for friendship and business advice

One more reason why providing a service online as a  WAHM is that there are so many WAHMs already working online. You can find lots of other moms to network with for friendship or business advice. There are very supportive groups of WAHMs in forums and other networking sites. 

Providing a service online can be a great option for WAHMs. If you have a skill you can provide as a service, this might be the right option for you.

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