Website Success Strategies for Service Providers

There is a big market for a variety of services that can be delivered online.  In fact, one of the fastest ways to generate income with an online business is to offer a service.  Examples of successful online service businesses include graphic design, virtual assistance, web content writing, life coaching and marketing consultation. 

Here are some strategies for using your website to build a successful service based business. 

Identify a Specific Target Market

The more defined your target market is the better.  For example, if you’re a writer and want to create a successful online writing business you need to know first hand that the competition in this area is huge.  A lot of people claim to be writers when they’re not and you’re likely going to have to put a lot of investment into marketing to differentiate your services from another online writer. 

A better approach would be to examine your experience, preferences and skills and identify a particular niche within your target market that you could serve with some advantage. 

Prepare your web copy with your particular target market in mind and incorporate keywords and images that will appeal to this group. 

So let’s say you’re experienced at writing catalogues and promotional materials for art galleries and cultural shows.  If you marketed your business in networks and social media forums where art gallery owners and cultural organizations visit, you might secure clients at a far faster rate than if you had simply launched a website and targeted small business owners in general. 

Clients will pay for expertise and as a service provider that’s what you’re offering. 

Demonstrate Your Expertise – Use Testimonials, Portfolios

In an online service business, your abilities, intuition, intelligence, etc. are intangible strengths that are hard for prospective clients to grasp especially when they are being asked to purchase your services without ever meeting you.  That’s why testimonials and portfolios can be very effective. 

When you’re first starting out it may not be possible to have paying client testimonials.  One way around this is to approach high profile prospects in your niche and offer to provide a service at a discount.  Do you best job and if they are pleased with your work, ask for a testimonial. 

Make a testimonial memorable! Multimedia is easy to incorporate into your website so when publishing testimonials be creative.  Include written, audio and video testimonials from clients.   

If you have examples of your work (and if this is applicable for your business) provide an online portfolio where prospective clients can view samples of what you can do directly from your website. 

Make it Easy to Purchase 

Often times a particular service required by a business isn’t a one time need. Think about this as you determine how best to service your target market.  Offer convenient service packages that can be purchased on a recurring basis or offer discounted plans for multiple purchases over various lengths of time. 

If you can think ahead and position your services as indispensable to prospective clients you can develop productive long-term relationships that are profitable for you and your clients. 

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