The Inconvenient Greening of Red Hot Copy

I underestimated you. So sorry. Since I vowed to master copywriting in 1999 in an effort to stay home and raise my two sons, I made it my business to hunt down the gurus (both dead and alive), and suck as much information out of them as I could. And learn I did.

I studied Claude Hopkins (dead), John Caples (dead), Gene Schwartz (dead), David Ogilvy (dead), Rosser Reeves (dead), Dan Kennedy (alive), John Carlton (alive) …

All tough “men’s men”. They worked the trenches with hardcore, balls-to-the-wall copy. My goal was to write just like them… and they taught me. Side by side you’d be hard-pressed to recognize which of us was coursing more testosterone through our veins. And you know what? I LOVED it! It was so direct and in-your-face. My copy stood up and spoke a language I personally never could. (I’m a reclusive southern girl who moved 16 times before graduating high school, after all.)

Copywriting is a very conversational genre…even though I have been a freelance writer with a journalist background, I had never even heard of this writing style before I stumbled onto it through a freelance client. I immediately saw how it could be a dialoguing experience between writer and reader. It was like sitting across the table from someone and talking. How cool is that? The relationship-building was what I always connected to about copywriting.

After studying with the boy’s club and tapping into my own heart, here is what I now know. There IS a difference in how you should approach some markets. I’m sensitive to that fact. But it is also true that many of the same marketing principles work regardless of who you are talking to.

But you can’t ignore this immutable fact…there are a lot more tree huggers out there than previously believed. Citizens of the Earth who want a sustainable planet are estimated at over 50 million people. They are rising in number (thank goodness) no matter what you call them.

Cultural Creatives
LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability)
Green Businesses
Conscious Entrepreneurs
And a thousand other names

The name isn’t important. But the values are. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice powerful salesmanship so your values can stay intact.

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