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Many moms have dreams of making money on the internet, but wonder where to start. You might be surprised to learn that you possibly already have a skill that you can provide online. Even better, there are likely many people who are willing to pay you well for providing that service for them. 

Online business owners are busy people and don’t have time to do everything themselves. This is why they often hire people just like you to take care of routine tasks or specialized projects for them. Many of them are willing to be patient with the right person so you’ll have opportunities to develop your skills even further while earning money. 

Do you have any experience providing administrative support? If you do, there are lots of opportunities available to you as a virtual assistant. They range from answering phones and taking messages to doing data entry, to managing lists of contacts, and much more. Whatever administrative task you know how to do, chances are there is someone who is willing to pay you for it to make their life easier. As a virtual assistant, you can continually learn new skills as well, so your new business can grow very quickly. 

Another skill you might have is writing. Business owners have to keep up with blogs, article writing, newsletters, social media, and so on. This means they have to do a lot of writing. If writing is something you enjoy and are good at, you may have just the skill they need. You don’t need a degree in English to provide writing as a service. To write online, all you need is to be able to write conversationally, and have a good grasp of grammar and spelling. 

Graphic design is another service you might enjoy providing. Have you been playing around in graphic design programs to make cute buttons and backgrounds? That’s another skill you can market online. Not everyone has the time or the talent to create those things, but they’re an essential part of working on the internet. 

Whatever service you would like to provide, you will need a website to show off your skills. Spend the time to make your website look professional, or else hire someone to do it for you. You might even be able to trade your skills for theirs to save some money on getting started. On your website, be sure to include a portfolio to display work you’ve done.

Another thing you should have on your website is a way to sign up for your newsletter. In your newsletter, you can keep subscribers updated on work that you’re doing and remind them how you can help them too. Your newsletter is one of your most important marketing tools. 

To start getting traffic to your website and subscribers to your newsletter, you can advertise by writing articles. Write articles about your area of expertise then publish them where your potential clients will find them. After they read your article, they will likely click through the link to your website to learn more about you and how you can help them.

Sometimes people worry that they’re not skilled enough to provide a service online right now. Don’t let that fear hold you back. Simply start out by offering whatever you can do right now. Then as your skill level and confidence grows, your offering can grow too. 

Making money on the internet might be easier than you think! Think about what you’re good at and then find a way to take it online. 

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