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I have a friend who is caught up in some serious ‘paralysis of analysis’ where her business life is concerned. I advised her to simply follow God’s peace and just get moving! She looked at me like I had suggested that she jump off a cliff. I could tell that she was literally frozen by her own fear of missing God.

Missing God is just not something that I’ve ever worried about. What do people mean when they say ‘I’m afraid of missing God?” anyways? It is as though they believe that God has set up a maze for them to figure out and if they go the wrong way – they’ve blown it and will be stuck in some dead end.

I don’t believe for a minute that God is like that.

God created you with unique talents and motivations. He put you together in a way that you would enjoy doing some things more than others. I believe that what you enjoy doing will give you a large clue about what you are called to do – whether that is in ministry, business or even a hobby.

We should be following our heart’s desire when it comes to choosing a business. It should fit us like a glove and cause us to stretch and grow in our skills and our personal relationship with God. (As a business grows, our reliance on God for every decision will grow too!)

My friend told me that she fears that she can’t tell what part of her desire is ‘just her’ and what part of it is ‘God’. I understand the fear of doing something in the flesh – but I don’t think that a spirit filled Christian who earnestly desires to please God needs to worry so much about splitting spiritual hairs over their interests and desires.

Is the desire good? Will it suit your giftings and lifestyle? Will it fit well with your family? Can you do it and bring honor to God? If you can answer yes to all that, it’s good!

Is the desire bad? Is there anything unethical or illegal about it? Will it cause you to abandon your family? Will it cause you to do things that will dishonor God? If you can answer no to all that, it’s good!

Descerning whether something is good or bad is not difficult! So why do we worry so much about whether a desire is ‘just from me’?

God gives us the desires of our heart. Think of that in two ways. Remember, God put you together – so in truth, He knew that the way He created you, you would have this creativity, this desire to stretch and grow and build. You could say that He put those desires in your heart from the beginning.

So when we feel those desires – and what we desire is good – we don’t have to worry that what we desire isn’t from God. I just accept that I am being drawn to the future that He has called me to.

That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t bathe every decision in prayer. Yes – we do need to pray over every choice. We need to turn to God for guidance on everything – especially for timing. We all know what it is like to try to make something happen before God has ordained it – it’s frustrating!

Rather than getting lost is a cloud of confusion, just take your dreams and desires to God.

“Father God, I feel very drawn to start this business (develop this partnership, release this new product, launch this new service, etc). I don’t want to do anything outside of your will and timing. If I’m missing something, if this is a bad move for me – please close every door. I just lift my ideas up to you and ask you to give me a sense of peace when and if it’s time to move ahead. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Such a simple prayer! You don’t have to stop the prayer there though… snuggle up in a comfortable spot and just share your dreams and visions with God. Tell Him what you would do, where you would do it. who you would do it with. Just poor it all out and then take time to listen. He will give you feedback! You’ll find that your vision will sharpen in these times – and you’ll just know what does and doesn’t belong.

Once you’ve shared your vision with God – just follow peace.

Any area of confusion or frustration should be taken as a sign that it isn’t the right timing, person, place or situation for you to move ahead with. Where there is peace – pursue it! Anytime you’re just not sure – wait for that peace.

If you trust God and keep taking your vision back to Him in prayer – you won’t get caught up in anymore paralysis of analysis. You’ll be moving toward God’s best for you – He promised!

“For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jer 29:11 (NIV)

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