Sales Resistance on the Rise

Have you noticed it? More and more marketing campaigns are going over the top. They’re trying bolder, more in-your-face tactics. And consumers DON’T like it.

There’s a growing resistance toward advertising. According to a recent study by Yankelovich Partners, 60% of consumers have a much more negative opinion of marketing and advertising than they did a few years ago. 65% already feel overwhelmed with too many marketing messages. And 61% feel the volume is out of control.

Beat consumer negativity and resistance by precisely targeting the “tarket” of your audience. (Remember a “tarket” is the single person you write your copy to rather than the mob of your entire “target market”. “Target” plus “market” equals “tarket”.)

When you tap into the psyche of your tarket, you understand better how to approach your marketing.

So pull those boxes out of storage. Grab that big chunky ‘swipe’ file. Collect up your competitor’s promotions. Query your past customers. Get it all together. I mean EVERYTHING. Your business history, promotions, flyers and articles. Where did you file that business plan that you created when you first started? How has the message evolved since you wrote it? What is the lifestyle focus of your tarket? Surround yourself with thorough research materials.

The most powerful copy is focused with a clear idea first of the person who is already looking for your product or service. Without doing your research, your message meets resistance every time. Doing your due diligence is cheap insurance against consumer resistance. Know what your tarket wants. Not what YOU THINK he or she wants.

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