Quick Traffic Strategies

Whether it is feet through the front door of a store or clicks onto your website, to build a sustainable business that generates sales a business owner needs traffic.  You want to get as large a percentage of your target audience interested in your business as possible. 

Here are some strategies to get attract large volumes of traffic on the Internet. 

1. Article Marketing 

One of the best ways to generate traffic to your website is by creating links to your location on the web that are embedded in original articles that you distribute to article sharing websites. These links are called “back-links” as they serve as an indirect way or “back-way” to access your website. 

Potential customers will follow links to your website based on their interest in the content of your articles. 

These original articles that are created to promote your business or expertise typically contain a bio box or author profile and by-line that include a link back to your website.  Given the wide reach of publications and article sharing websites like ezinearticles.com and iSnare.com, this type of “article marketing” is a very effective way to grow your audience. 

Your well placed articles will develop valuable back-links that will help to draw volumes of traffic to your website and that will in turn help to boost your search engine rankings. 


Audio podcasts, that function like Internet radio shows, are an ideal way to boost website traffic.  Just as article directories can expose your website to thousands of potential visitors, so too can podcasts promoting your website attract large audiences through podcast directories, like iTunes, PodcastAlley.com and PodcastDirectory.org. 


Participating as a speaker or contributor to a web-based seminar or webinar featuring high profile co-speakers and sponsors is another way to attract volumes of new traffic to your website. 

Webinar producers invest a lot in promotional strategies to attract as many registrations and subscribers as possible.  This is free advertisement for the speakers involved and the experience also helps to build up your profile and credibility to your target market. 


Depending on your niche there may be certain discussion forums where a large percentage of your target audience gathers to discuss topics and share information. 

Identifying these forums and providing or sharing valuable information as a conscientious contributor is a good way to attract traffic to your website and build credibility about your business and expertise.  

As you leave posts in these forums you can incorporate links into your signature and direct forum participants to your website when appropriate and fitting in response to a question. 


Many businesses are starting blogs for the sole purpose of building traffic.  When publishers share well-written content on regular basis, that content eventually attracts a loyal and growing readership in that niche. 

In addition to this natural or organic audience growth, search engines will respond favourably to blogs that post frequent content. The more you post, the more search engine robots will crawl your site and the more likely you will achieve top rankings in search engine returns for your keywords. 

This all ultimately leads to more traffic and more sales potential for your business.


YouTube and Google Video are video websites attracting high volumes of traffic and superior on the search engines.

Think about creating a video that explains the key points of your article using screen shots or PowerPoint slides.  Upload this video to a website like YouTube and other video directories and you will create another effective way for significant traffic to find your website.

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