Putting YOU Into Your Website

It’s been said again and again that relationships are the key to a successful business.  When running a business online the relationship between online business owner and reader develops when the owner’s voice or personality is reflected in that website. 

Identifying with the Person First 

Today so many products and services are marketed through blogs and social media.  This means that customers are connecting with opinions and view points that an individual shares through their business website blog and through postings in social media networks like Twitter and Facebook. 

If the information you share as a business owner is purely factual without any glimpses of your personality in it, you’ll be less likely to develop a relationship with your readers.  Without that relationship you’ll be at a disadvantage to competitors who understand the value of building personal relationships that lead to customer loyalty. 

So how do you do it? 

Writing with personality is really all about writing in a way that is natural and authentic to you.  Don’t try to mimic another person’s writing style or view point.  You’re an expert in your business speciality and you likely have view points and opinions that are of interest to your target market. 

You can keep in mind your business objectives while weaving into your web content perspectives and a way of communicating that is distinctly you. 

Here’s a tip to achieve this “authentic voice” – write as you speak. While sometimes we can write in a way that is stilted and a little too factual, one of the best ways to get over this hurdle is to talk through an idea. 

As you talk through your idea, type it out. You can edit afterwards if there are awkward sentences that need tweaking.

Another tip is to use your name on those websites where you want and need to develop a loyal customer following.  Your readership will feel connected to your business if they feel they know the person behind it. 

You might include your signature at the end of each post or include your picture on your “About” page or other areas of your website. You might also consider including little snippets about your personal life in blog posts every now and again.

If you publish a newsletter, this is another place to share a little about your personal side.  You don’t have to reveal more than you’re comfortable with either.  What you share could be something as simple as saying a few words about a weekend activity you enjoyed like gardening or something that got you really excited like a trip somewhere new and memorable.

Tell a story.  One of the best ways to speak in a way that is engaging and real is to share a personal experience that can illustrate and particular business point that you want to make.  What you write will likely be interesting and more meaningful to your audience when it is related to a personal experience. Speaking in this way to your audience will engage them and create a sense of anticipation for your next post or online communications with them.

This could be the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

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