Planning a Breakfast with Santa Fundraiser

This time of year, many churches and organizations plan a special type of fundraiser. You may hear it called a Pancake Breakfast with Santa or simply Breakfast with Santa. In fact, this is one of the easiest and most fun fundraisers imaginable.

1. Selecting a Charity

The first thing you’ll need is a charity or organization to receive the funds. To me, the best charities to benefit from this kind of fundraiser would be related to children. Perhaps you have a local mission that feeds hungry families or you’d like to donate the funds to children in a local children’s hospital whose families may be financially strapped due to hospital bills.

Of course, Toys for Tots is another charity to consider. Instead of requiring cash for entry, you can get local restaurants to donate the meal and, instead, request a new toy be donated in exchange for entry.

2. Location & Time

Once you determine which organization will receive the proceeds, you can begin to plan. Contact local churches or city buildings to see if you can use their facility for the event. Most places will allow you to use their facility free of charge if 100% of the proceeds benefit a local charity. If one place says “no” keep asking. You will likely need to sign a contract that states you will follow the rules and will clean up after the event. No worries. You’ll have volunteers to help you clean. Secure the facility as soon as you can in advance on the event.

3. Volunteers

Now that you’ve got a date and a place, it’s time to call in favors and call in the troops. Not only will you need people to help, you’ll also need supplies. Hopefully, by asking around, you’ll be able to find ways to get plenty of both for free.

Some places to contact are:
Girl and Boy Scouts
Moms Club
Local Military (If you have a base nearby.)
High School Sports Clubs
Colleges and Universities
Local Businesses, Stores, Restaurants

And, of course, you need to find a Santa. Start asking around and you’ll find a husband or grandfather will get recruited by a family member.

4. Entertainment & Activities

Of course the main attraction will be Santa and the pancakes. However, if you have a large turnout (and, hopefully you will) you’ll want to have other activities planned to entertain the children while they are waiting for their turn with Santa.

Delegate storytelling to one of the adults. All you’ll need is a quiet area, some good Christmas books, and comfy cushions. You may even be able to get the local library to send a volunteer who will set-up, read and hand out bookmarks for the children.

You can provide a coloring or craft table with simple activities like making a card or an ornament. Of course games are also fun. Create a few booths. Take games you know and put a Christmas twist on them – like pin the nose on Rudolph.

Plan photos with Santa. This can be an additional fee in order to raise more funds to benefit your chosen charity – or it can be included in the cost of the pancake breakfast. Find a local photographer. Allow the photographer to put up a sign for publicity and ask her to donate a percentage of sales to your organization. Many photographers are happy for the opportunity for goodwill.

And, of course, Face Painting is always a favorite.

Each of these activities can be included in the price of the Pancake breakfast, or you can sell tickets that the children can trade in at the various booths.

5. Getting the Word out About Your Breakfast with Santa Fundraiser

Now, get the word out so your event is a huge success!

Provide flyers at all the following locations:
Preschools and Daycares
Elementary Schools
Grocery Stores

Also, contact local media. The newspaper, radio stations, and free family publications want to know about these types of events – especially if there is a story behind it. Give the news something positive to report about.

That’s all there is to it. Much like any event it’s all in the planning. The important thing is to get started and get a lot of volunteers. From there, just enjoy your event, knowing you’re doing something wonderful and helping others. Merry Christmas!

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