Niche Research – Easy Tips and Ideas

Researching a niche can be a long, complicated and often frustrating process. You know the end result will be a profitable online business yet finding the time, information and energy to get the job done seems near impossible. Don’t give up! 

Here are 7  niche research easy tips and ideas. 

#1 Start in your imagination. Many people start by jumping online and visiting the keyword search tools. These tools are a step in the process. However, they’re not the first step. Instead, start with topics and ideas you’re interested in. Once you have a list of ten to twenty, heck even fifty ideas, then you can begin to brainstorm the possibilities.

For example, if you are interested in beer you might brainstorm the following niche possibilities:

  • Making beer
  • Beer tasting for beginners
  • Award winning beer
  • Microbreweries in Kansas

#2 Remember that a niche can be:

  • A demographic like “beer tasting for women”, or “great budget beers for frugal aficionados”
  • Geographic – “beer tasting in Kansas”
  • Or even a level like, “Home brewing beer for beginners.”

Use this information to further expand your brainstormed list of ideas.

#3 Go offline. 

Yes, you’ll be building a website however there is a tremendous amount of information to be found offline too. Read the newspaper (okay so you can do that online), read magazines and industry publications and visit your bookstore to see what people are reading. Browse the shelves in your various areas of interest and explore the books and titles dedicated to various aspects of your topic. This may help generate more ideas for your niche research list. 

#4 Jump back online and research trends. There are many trend analysis and reporting sites. These sites can help you both brainstorm new ideas and research the niche ideas you already have. Google trends, and even Twitter have information about what topics are on the minds of many. 

#5 Research the competition. There are several handy websites that tell you which websites are targeting specific keywords. They also tell you which keywords specific websites are targeting. You can learn a lot about your potential competition this way and it’s a great way to further expand your list of niche ideas. 

#6 Eavesdrop. Spend time on industry forums and chat rooms, and visit blogs. You’ll learn a lot not only about your potential niche but also what questions people have and what topics are popular. 

#7 Keyword research. This can be the most confusing and complicated part of the process. Begin it organized!  Create a spreadsheet to document your niche ideas and the information you find. This way, you can compare the information in an efficient manner. And once you choose your niche, this information will help you create your content as well. 

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