Natural Weight Loss — The Sweet Side

Eighty percent of the population is overweight and thirty percent is obese. Most of those people are using artificial sweeteners to try to cut down on calories and lose weight.  Unfortunately the dark side of the sweet side is that artificial sweeteners are chemicals that are dangerous to the user experiencing truly simple, natural weight loss. Chemicals such as nutritive dextrose, soluble saccharin, cream of tartar, calcium silicate, soluble corn fiber, maltodextrin, and others are used to create artificial sweeteners.

Sugar has been given a bad name by smart marketers who have helped make the diet-food industry a billion dollar industry.  Natural weight loss techniques are considered strange and bad for you. People scoff at the idea that you can eat vegetable and (gasp) fruit to your heart’s content and still lose weight. Some people get downright upset with you if you tell them they can eat natural fat such as virgin coconut oil, and the fat found in avocados, or naturally in lean meats.   It seems unbelievable that out of all the ways of weight loss that are considered crazy, it would be the natural weight loss technique of eating whole, natural foods that people think is somehow bad for you.

Well, that is marketing for you. It’s hard to believe anything an advertisement tells you. They show seemingly fit models hawking flavored waters full of fake sugars, and caffeine laden energy drinks full of chemicals are called “healthy” alternatives to a glass of fresh, filtered spring water. How can this be? It’s called: lobbying. In addition to advertisements, lobbyists for the food industry spend millions on pushing through legislation that is literally making us fat, tried, unhealthy and even killing us.

The sugar found naturally in a sweet, ripe peach is turned into something bad for you, and the fake corn syrup and chemicals found in an energy drink is considered good for you. It’s Alice in Wonderland all over again, where everything is upside down and topsy-turvy. What’s bad is good and what’s good is bad. (Maybe that is the twilight zone?) Anyway, the truth is so simple that it seems unbelievable. Given a choice between eating real organic cane sugar and the fake stuff you’re better off eating the real stuff every single time.

Eating natural, whole foods is the best way to weight loss because all these chemicals being used are causing addictive behaviors in people who don’t have addictive personalities in any other way. Outside of obesity and insulin resistance, these chemicals are causing headache, migraine, panic attacks and possibly even cancer. Now, I’m not saying that real sugar is good for you, in high quantities real cane sugar is not really good for you, but no one ever got sick eating fresh fruit, which is high in sugar too.

The sweet side of eating natural is this: You can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, and organic whole foods of all stripes without worrying about chemicals and all the while losing weight. If you want something sweet, grab a bowl of fruit. If you want sweet green tea, try using some natural alternatives such as stevia or honey.

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