Natural Weight Loss Pep Talk

When you’re still in the weight loss phase of your new diet and exercise regimen it can be very frustrating and discouraging. This is true especially if you’re not losing weight at the rate that you want to lose. There are some things to help yourself not revert back to unhealthy eating to deal with your frustrations.

  • Avoid Sugar — Eating too much sugar can lead to cravings for more sugar therefore it is important to avoid eating processed refined sugar. Read all labels and avoid all sugars, high-fructose corn syrup, white sugar, sugar in almost all its forms other than that present in a piece of fresh fruit. Even the sugar in fresh fruit should be eaten in moderation to avoid cravings.
  • Concentrate on flavor — When preparing meals, it is important to focus on the flavor of the meal while only including natural, whole, chemical free foods. Making beautiful, colorful and flavorful meals adds to the pleasure you feel while eating which will make you feel more satisfied.
  • Find a distraction — Join a group, read a book, find a hobby or volunteer in a place that is not weight or nutrition related. Get your mind off your weight issues for a little while a few times a week. Having another place to focus for a while will help you realize that while food and nutrition is important it is not all that your life is about.
  • Express yourself — Having a bad day? Express it. Say so. Tell someone. Write it in a journal. Turn up the music and sing it out. It feels good to blow off steam, and it’s good for you to let out your emotions in whatever way is the most healthy for you. That might be punching a bag, jumping up and down and screaming, turning up the music and dancing around. You can quickly change your mood depending on the activity you participate in.
  • Focus on health  — Get your mind off losing weight for a while and focus instead on how healthy you are. Are you putting healthy food into your body? Are you exercising for heart health? Even if you’re not losing weight right this moment, if you’re eating healthy, avoiding chemically laden foods, that is what is important right now, not the number on the scale.
  • Have a treat — For some people having a planned treat at a predetermined time helps them avoid frustration and stick to their plan. There is no need to give up everything forever. It really is okay to have a treat occasionally. Whether the treat is a small bag of chips, or a pint of strawberries, it doesn’t matter. Define your treat and have it at the specific time.
  • Hunger is natural — Try to remember that hunger is a normal signal your body sends when it needs nutrition. It is okay to be hungry. Being hungry will not kill you. There are many people who report never actually feeling hunger! But, the truth is, hunger is normal. Hunger is a sign of needing to eat, or drink. We’ve been taught for so long hunger is bad, but having that hunger signal is a sign to pay attention to.
  • Keep a diary — Studies have shown that keeping track of your food intake, as well as your feelings about your food intake can help you stick to your plan. If you’re having a bad day it’s important to acknowledge it. It’s also important to note when you’re having a good day. Sometimes it can be even more inspiring to write about the good things in your life.
  • Read success stories — Sometimes if you’re feeling unmotivated and bad about your situation it really helps to read other people’s success stories. Especially stories about those who have done the same thing as you’re trying to do.
  • Get a physical — If all else fails go to the doctor and get tested for any health issues that you might have such as an undiscovered thyroid problem. The thyroid controls metabolism and is central to many people’s problems losing weight despite diet and exercise.

By doing all or most of the above items you can help avoid and divert frustrations that occur during any type of change. Coming off fake, chemically laden food products is like ending any addiction. There are side effects that mimic coming off serious narcotic drugs when you try to get off the additive and chemicals. You might have joint pains, headaches, mood swings, and other issues. By creating a plan to deal with this possibility you can avoid giving up.

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