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Between two thirds and 80 percent of the United States is now over weight, with 30 percent being classified as medically obese. The United States isn’t alone, other countries, even traditionally thin cultures like the Chinese, are catching up. Doesn’t that seem odd since we have a billion dollar diet-food industry yet we’re getting fatter and fatter? The truth is, you can trace the advent of the diet industry to the epidemic of obesity that we are suffering today.

If you’re reading this it is likely that you need to lose weight or you might even be suffering from obesity. What if you found out that the diet industry fills their so called healthy food with chemicals and additives that are actually contributing to and even causing your weight gain? Would you be angry? Would you set out to make a change in your life?

Well, that’s exactly what I am going to tell you. The results of many chemicals in your diet are devastating not only is there solid evidence that some additives contribute to cancer and make you sick they also increase the appetite, cause weight gain, and even prevent weight loss. Chemicals like glutamates, flavor enhancers, preservatives play a large role in the rise in obesity and they are present in almost all diet foods and processed foods today.

Steps to achieve natural weight loss through nontoxic fat burning:

Eat – Eating regularly keeps your metabolism burning at a higher rate, while starvation shuts down your metabolism. Eat lots of whole, healthy and natural foods.
Exercise – Moving your body in purposeful exercise keeps your metabolism chugging along at a rate that will help you lose weight and maintain your weight to its appropriate level.
Eliminate – Stop ingesting chemicals and get rid of processed chemical laden foods.

Using these natural weight loss techniques instead of the other ways of weight loss will do something many other methods don’t do: Work! That’s right, it’s really that simple. Just eat good, natural whole foods, exercise a little each day, and eliminate the dangerous additives and toxins the food industry tries to pass off as food.

Additionally, there are plenty of unhealthy skinny people who have fast metabolisms. They may look like they’re not affected by the fake foods they’ve been ingesting, but their actual health tells a different tale. Many thin people who eat these false foods develop disease that used to be relegated to only overweight people, such as diabetes and heart disease. The great thing about losing weight naturally is that you won’t just lose weight, you’ll actually become healthy.

Eating food for real food sources instead of from packages will ensure the consumption of vitamins, minerals, and the most important thing about food that these fake foods are missing: Nutrition! Not only that, once you start eating foods void of chemicals, additives, and flavor enhancers eventually your taste buds will come alive and these natural foods will taste so much better to you than the fake foods that you’ll never look at the fake foods again. You’ll lose all your craving or desire for them once you detox your body.

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