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With upwards of 80 percent of the population being overweight, and 30 percent being considered medically obese, and the contrast of a one billion dollar diet-food industry – it’s obvious something is seriously wrong. It seems illogical unless you make the connection. How can we have such a health-conscious society — yet more of us are fat than ever before? While there are many things that can lead to obesity: overeating, a sedentary lifestyle, certain medications and illnesses, who would think that dieting leads to obesity.

The sad fact is, dieting does lead to obesity. Processed and packaged diet foods are full of chemicals and flavor enhancers which leads to flavor addiction which leads to false hunger, and eating more to fill that hunger. The problem is, the more you eat, the hungrier you get. Thus, you just keep getting fatter. If you’re not on a diet at all, it gets worse: Fast food and most restaurant foods carry the most flavor enhancers such as Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and its derivatives. These flavor enhancers are very powerful and poisonous to your body. In addition to being really bad for you, they are addictive.

Studies have been conducted showing the connection between obesity and flavor enhancers. For instance one showed that rats given MSG through injection tripped insulin production and caused the rats to become obese. Keep in mind that due to the bad name the letters MSG have been given by the accurately horrible press they’ve received, food manufactures have started using different names to hide the truth. They  use names such as “flavor enhancers”, “hydrolyzed or texturized protein”, “sodium or calcium caseinate”, “yeast extract”, and hydrolyzed oat flour to name a few.  Reading labels sometimes doesn’t help when manufacturers are always trying to find ways to trick and mislead the public.

What this all means is this: If you’ve been feeling down on yourself because you lack “willpower” or “motivation” or the energy to drop extra weight maybe it’s not your fault after all. Maybe there are forces outside of your will that are controlling you, namely a real addiction called “Flavor Addition” that drives you to eat more of the substance. This addition is no different than other additions such as heroine or nicotine addiction, it is a true addition that must be overcome before you can truly do the work you need to do to drop the weight – Permanently.

Permanent natural weight loss is at your fingertips. You can lose the weight you want to lose will enjoying natural healthy food and letting go of all the other ways of weight loss that are out there. The best weight loss method is the natural weight loss technique of eating natural, whole, unaltered and unprocessed foods. Once you start giving your body the nutrition that it needs, and you detoxify your system, you’ll experience natural and effortless weight loss that lasts a lifetime.

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  1. Debbie McNeely says

    Good question. It’s a balance between the calories you eat and the calories you expend. If you drop your exercise you may have to drop your food intake. There is no need reduce calories dramatically. Just a few hundred a day may do it. Just watch things closely. If you see your weight go up more than a pound, you can increase exercise or reduce food intake. It’s different for every person. You will get to know your body by testing. If you are eating good wholesome natural foods, your appetite may adjust itself based on your activity level.


  2. Debbie McNeely says

    Yes, if nothing else changed except that you exercised and then stopped, you would undo your good results. Life is a balance. You want to look at food as energy. If you reduce your exercise volume then you need less fuel. Make gradual changes in both, so you can easily correct any weight gain before it gets out of control. When you eat real food, not processed foods, often your appetite regulates itself. Also, sudden changes are hard on your system. If you want to reduce exercise, I’d make that a gradual decrease. That will be better than suddenly stopping completely.


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