Natural Weight Loss — Dare To Be Different

Embarking on a natural weight loss regimen is the answer to losing weight in a healthy, natural way however, it isn’t a panacea for all health issues. There are times you can do it all right, have will power of steel yet, for some unknown reason you fail to lose weight. It can be very discouraging when this happens. So many diet books tell us that losing weight is easy and everyone can do it, and while it is simple to follow the rules of nature, eating natural, whole foods that will work better than other ways of weight loss, sometimes something gets in your way.

Natural weight loss foods will not eliminate issues such as your own unique physical makeup. Natural weight loss foods will not work exactly the same for everyone. However, I can assure you that due to your uniqueness you will find the perfect combination of natural weight loss foods that will provide a powerful combination to help you get the weight off and get healthy. But first, you have to dare to be different.

Face it, you know that skinny friend who can seemingly eat all the fat and fake foods they want with no physically noticeable effects, yet you can just simply smell chocolate cake cooking and put on ten pounds. Why is that? Have you ever wondered? Or have you fell for the idea that it’s all your fault that you’re fat? The truth is, everyone has a different physical makeup, a different combination of hormones, and metabolism. Your own genetic blueprint tells your body how to respond to the different foods and substances that you put in it.

Much like alcoholism has a genetic component so do addictions related to foods and other substances. In addition, how your body behaves when consuming certain substances has a genetic component too. Food allergies to your brown eyes and red hair are all genetic factors that play into your life. Genetic factors play into  how food affects your body and your mind. The other factor is environmental. Did you grow up eating all those fake fats and “comfort” foods? If you did it can be very difficult to overcome the addictive draw toward those foods. The truth is, you can do it.

If you’re really eating exactly what you’re supposed to be eating and you’re still not losing weight then look into what you might change about your current program. It is important to note that no two bodies are the same and it can take some simple adjustments to ensure that you are hitting on the right combination for you. Dare to be different and modify your eating plan to suit your needs. If you’re unsure about serving sizes, or calories, try keeping track for a period of time to ensure that due to your environment you’re not eating extra huge servings of food. Some of us grow up eating serving sizes fully three times the size we should. Even the plates we buy in kitchen store are bigger than our grandparents’ plates were.

You’re a unique individual with special issues that affect only you. Assessing your uniqueness can go far in helping you find the magic combination of solutions that work for you. It’s okay that you’re different, in fact it is wonderful that you are different. Embrace your differences and enjoy that you are unique in the world and don’t lose hope because there is a combination that will work just for you to help you lose weight and get healthy no matter how many times you’ve failed in the past. Remember you really didn’t fail, you just didn’t find the right recipe for success.

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