Natural Weight Loss — Change Is Hard

Eating great food is the key to natural weight loss and a healthier, happier life. But once you’ve lost weight it can also be hard to accept the new you. If you’ve lost a substantial amount of weight sometimes the image in your head is different from the image that you see in a picture or in the mirror. You might have trouble picking yourself out of a picture until you get to the point of accepting your new body and your new life.

There is a disorder called “Body Dysmorphic Disorder” which can become a huge problem if you don’t take steps to learn about your new body. Some people suffer from either anorexia or obesity due to having an inaccurate view of their body size. It can manifest itself in other ways too but we will focus on viewing your new body as it is, rather than as it was.

If you’ve been overweight for years, accepting the new you can take some time. There are ways to help yourself get to know your new body. One way is to actually measure your body, and weigh yourself. While not necessary for people who aren’t having issues with accepting the change that has happened it might be for you if you are having a hard time accepting the new you. By having the written measurements and seeing the number on the scale you cannot deny your current size and logically believe you’re either fatter or thinner than the scale demonstrates. Additionally, make sure you are wearing under clothing and outer clothing that is the right size by going to a department store that has staff to help fit you appropriately.

Throw out your old clothing. Donate the ones that are in good shape to a consignment store, or a thrift store. Save one representative outfit if it makes you feel more comfortable and that will help you realize how far you’ve come but it is important to get rid of the rest of your clothing and replace them with clothing that truly fits your body correctly. Fear of failure can cause you to stop trying and even regain the weight that you have lost so that you don’t fail in public. But your weight loss and your health is not about the public. Sorry, but change is hard! If it wasn’t hard everyone would be 100 percent successful every time they tried to change.

I can tell you all day long that losing weight is simple if you eat natural weight loss foods and that among all ways of weight loss this is the way, and the one that will change your life forever. It may be true, but it’s harder than most people realize until they’re in the thick of doing it. Changing the picture you had in your mind of yourself can be difficult and impacts weight loss more than most people know. Your mental image of yourself is a very important aspect of your weight loss efforts. It is imperative that you learn to accept the new you so that it will become natural to you to be thin and healthy so that you can stay that way.

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