Natural Weight Loss Acceleration

While losing weight slowly is the best way to encourage long term success and healthy habits sometimes you just want to lose some weight extra fast for an event, or to boost your confidence. There are ways that anyone can speed up natural weight loss in a natural and healthy manner.  Do remember though, that to beat the bulge for good, long-term healthy diet choices will go a lot farther than quick fixes. You might feel so good adding these actions into your daily life choices that you may make them permanent.

Be Accountable —  Find someone to whom you can be accountable. Having a weight loss buddy will help you be more successful if you’re both accountable to each other. Find someone with a similar amount of weight to lose as you so that you don’t get frustrated watching someone reach their goal a year before you do.

Add Aerobics — Working out aerobically burns more calories due to the high oxygen intake. Adding in just one hour of aerobic activity a day can burn enough to add one pound of weight loss per week if you don’t add more food. It’s easy to burn 500 calories a day with aerobic exercise.

EAT! — Many times when people want to lose weight they just stop eating. Stopping eating leads to severe hunger, which leads to cravings, which will lead to diet failure. Instead of cutting what you eat try adding in times to eat. Eating more meals per day, though smaller, will keep your blood sugar level which will avoid cravings and issues that come about due to becoming too hungry like binge eating.

Drink Water — The only liquid you should drink is water. Avoid diet soda, juices, teas or anything with any type of additives. Drinking water is good for you. Once you get used to drinking only water as your beverage you’ll actually prefer it. Water, in its natural state tastes sweet, fresh and delicious. Many people drink 1200 calories a day in beverages without even realizing it.

Eat Smaller Portions — Watch out for portion sizes creeping up. Most people are not able to eyeball their portion sizes and accurately guess how much is in a portion. To lose weight after and kick up your weight loss efforts simply start minding your serving sizes and eat smaller portion sizes. Eating just until you’re satiated and not “full” but are no longer hungry will automatically cause you to eat smaller portions. Just realize that you can always eat more later, you don’t have to eat it all right now.

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