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The holidays are upon us and we’re busy with everything from decorating the house to wrapping presents. The kitchen plays a big role during this time, and depending on your kids’ cooking skills they can play the lead or be part of the supporting cast. One fun way for your kids to get involved in the kitchen now is to have a Kids’ Cookie Exchange Party. Christmas is a good time to have this kind of party, but you can do this whenever you want. Just ask your kids, cookies are good anytime!

First of all, invite as many kids as you’re comfortable with. It could be just neighborhood kids, school friends, or the kids from your extended families. Let your kids make the invites and encourage them to be creative. How about a hand-delivered cardboard invitation with animal cookies glued around it?

To make this party extra special, you can ask everyone to bring one wrapped book for a gift exchange. Also, do you want them to dress up in holiday attire for this party? It could make for some very special pictures.

The rules aren’t complicated:

1. Every child needs to bake the cookies themselves.
2. They need to be baked (no-bakes are no-no’s for sanitary reasons). Bars are okay.
3. Have them bring 2 dozen, which they should be able to get from one batch. This leaves plenty for eating at the party and taking home to share with siblings.
4. No chocolate chip cookies (already been done a zillion times).

Have your kids decorate the table any way they choose. The table is where all the cookies will go so they’ll want to make it look festive.

Your children can practice their hosting skills by greeting their friends at the door and taking care of the cookies that were brought. They can then be in charge of arranging all the cookies around the table and bringing out the plates, cups, milk and punch. Remind your children to only give positive comments about the cookies that were brought. You want to head off any “Gross!” or “Why are they such a weird color?” type comments.

After all the guests arrive and suitably ooh and ahh over the cookies, you can have them play a few games before eating. This would be a good time for the gift exchange, if you’re doing that.

I think its fun to give out awards to every child at the cookie exchange; prettiest cookie, most interesting-looking cookie, best use of chocolate cookie, biggest cookie, most unusual cookie, best color for a cookie, etc. The kids are so proud of what they’ve created and love to show their cookies off. They just may be on their way to becoming the chief cookie maker of your house!

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