Kids Cooking Tacos…In My Kitchen

Kids cooking tacos. It sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Until they actually get started and don’t really know what to do. It’s your kitchen and they’re making an absolute mess. Plus, they don’t know how to cook and you know you’ll end up doing most of it.

Some kids have helped Mom in the kitchen since they were in diapers, while others are a little slower to find their love-of-cooking-genes. This article is intended to help the latter group who are old enough to do some real cooking… on their own… once they learn how… from you.

First off, you need to realize that kids aren’t born knowing their way around your kitchen. They need to learn how to cook. It’s like basketball. All great basketball players started out learning the fundamentals. That’s what your young chefs need to learn too.

Idea #1: Grab the video camera, put on a clean apron, and have your child film you browning hamburger. Pretend it’s a cooking show, only you don’t get paid. While browning, you can explain safe meat practices including the color the meat should be and how to clean anything that comes in contact with raw meat. You can also show them the proper way to cut up an onion to add to the browned meat. If you want, you can do the video all the whole way through to the finished tacos and have the kids join in so they learn by doing, not just watching. Have them review the video before the next time they cook tacos.

Idea #2: Create stations. What’s involved in your tacos? Taco meat, cheese, salsa, sour cream, lettuce, tomato, tortillas, etc. Don’t forget the refried beans or Mexican rice as side dishes. Some of these things only require that the child opens up the fridge, gets the item, and sticks a spoon in it, so these don’t require a station. But for the rest, there can be a spot for each item with the recipe, any necessary utensils and bowls, and the ingredients. Set these up ahead of time so you’re not running around like a crazy person.

Idea #3: Find a cooking show to record when they’re doing Mexican food. If you record it, then you can pause it when you need to. None of our ovens and stoves work as fast as those in TV land. You can also go online to find videos of kids cooking. There are several great kids cooking websites that also have video instruction.

Idea #4: Check out some kids cookbooks from the library. They should have easy instructions and lots of pictures of the steps. If there is a cookbook your kids really like, then you can buy it.

Whichever idea you choose to follow, there is something else you need to teach them – how to clean up. Whether you follow the “clean as you go” method or the “everything at the end” method, the kids need to learn it. Of course, you can always do all the clean up yourself. Nah.

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