Easy Website Building Tips for WAHMs

Good for you, you’ve taken the plunge and now you’re work at home mom (WAHM)! But every business owner needs a website to be taken seriously. As a WAHM, you probably don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on getting your first website up. You have much more important things to do, like find customers and spend time with the kids. However, having a professional-looking website will make you stand out as someone who is serious about her business. 

So, with a limited budget and time in short supply, how can you get the website you need? It might be easier than you think. There are many tools available now for people who want to build websites on their own but have no experience. Here are some easy website building tips for WAHMs. 

Use a Web Design Program. 

One way a lot of moms get started with their first websites is by using a website design program like Frontpage or Dreamweaver. These programs even come with templates you can use to get started, so don’t need any design skill at all to get your first website up and running. You don’t even need to know any html coding since you can do all the designing in a “What You See Is What You Get” format. 

Start a Blog Instead. 

Another solution for getting your first website up is to set up a free blog instead. You can start one at Blogger or WordPress. They are very easy to set up and you can find free templates to help you get the look you want. If you want a more unique look, hiring someone to design a template or a theme for your blog can be a lot less expensive than having your entire site designed. 

The other nice thing about a blog is that it’s easy to add new content regularly. It also gives you a way to interact with your visitors because they can leave comments for you. 

Use WordPress. 

A really popular way to build websites right now is with WordPress. If you are comfortable figuring out how to add a WordPress blog to your domain, that might be a good way for you to go. This is a little more technically difficult than the first two options, but if you’re interested in learning something new, it does give you a nice way to build a website quickly. 

A WordPress site is easy to manage because it’s so easy to add new pages. As well, instead of having it hosted by Blogger or WordPress, it is hosted on your own domain, so it looks a little more professional. 

Try a Site Builder. 

A site builder is one of the easiest options there is for building a new website. If you have a host for your website, your hosting plan might even come with a free site builder included. You just follow the steps and your new website will be built very quickly. 

There are also other site builders you can look at such as Servint.com and Site Build it. These will get you up and running very quickly too.

When you’re ready for your first WAHM website, you don’t need to sacrifice a professional image for your business budget. There are lots of easy options you can use to create the website you need. 

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