Do I Need a Web Designer?

When business owners decide to take business online, the question always comes up, “Do I need a web designer or can I build my own website?”

Both options are very viable, but you need to decide what’s best for you and your business. Here’s some things to consider:

If you hire a web designer, you don’t have to worry about learning how to build a website – which is a relief to many people. This means you can concentrate on the more important tasks of your business. However, do realize that building a website is not as technical as it has been in the past. There are plenty of web-building options that are basic point-and-click technology.

If you work with a designer, you will be subject to that designer’s schedule. Designers have other clients to manage and they need to prioritize any updates or changes you need to make to your website. This can be a drawback because the Internet is an amazing marketing medium where it’s easy to quick changes and test out new marketing ideas at minimal cost. When your business needs to wait for a designer to make changes, you may fall behind in your development.

Still, if you build your own website, there may be a time where you need to turn to a designer or a programmer if you need special features on your website. Of course, you can learn how to do all these things if you’re so inclined, but it can be a time-consuming and sometimes complicated task. This means if you need a message board, shopping cart or other special function, you may need to turn to a designer or a programmer for that task.

Overall, if you want to save money and have more control over your web presence, you will want to have a hand in your own web development. You might choose to use a site builder that offers many of the features you are looking for (ex. shopping cart, mailing lists, etc.) and uses the point-and-click technology mentioned earlier. That way, it’s easy for you to create an online presence without a huge learning curve and you still have time to focus on the more important aspects of business.

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