Direct Sales Consultant? Why You Need A Website

Picture this: You meet a prospective customer named Ellen in a line-up at your local supermarket. It turns out that not only is Ellen interested in your product, she likes buying from people she knows. She asks for your card and promises to call you. 

When Ellen goes home she pulls out your card and sees a telephone number and corporate website address.  Ellen pulls up the website and searches for some information about YOU.  She can’t find it.  Ellen likes working with Direct Sales consultants because of the trust and relationship that can develop.  Unfortunately your brief encounter at the supermarket didn’t give Ellen enough to work with and she soon forgets about your meeting. 

The next week Ellen meets another consultant who gives her a card that includes her personal direct sales website.  Ellen reads up about the events and specials that her consultant is personally promoting on her website and she contacts her to make a purchase.  

This is why you need a website.  Your business is distinctive from your competition because of you and one of the best ways to extend your personal touch to prospective clients that lead busy lives is to give them the opportunity to get to know you better online. 


Even if your focus is on local or regional clients, today’s lifestyles make it difficult to accommodate a lot of personal meetings that aren’t family or friend related.  With a well written and designed website you can continue your conversation with prospects at a time and place that is convenient for them. 

Your website can incorporate video, audio, pictures, downloadable booklets, guides, etc.  The prospective customer can listen and view you sharing your personal message all from the comfort of their home. 

This is particularly helpful for those clients that aren’t interested in or too busy to accommodate in-person informational visits about a product.

 The Personal Touch 

While a website can conceivably reach a wider audience and target market, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll lose the personal touch that so many people like about direct sales.  You can provide online conference rooms on your website where your customers can participate in live sessions that you might lead to discuss new products, promotions, services, etc. 

Plus often times information that you give out in person in the form of a brochure or newsletter can get lost.  With your well designed website you can archive your newsletters and highlight products in a format that your customers can access any time of the day or night. 


One of the most effective tools for marketing any business today is social media.  You can reach literally thousands of targeted prospective clients by participating in a strategic way on popular social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

If you haven’t got a website that other users in these forums can click on to learn more about you or to do business with “you” (not the corporation) you will likely lose many good prospects. 

Your website can be an extension of your personality and the type of service you wish to extend to prospective customers if it is well-written and designed. A website isn’t just a nice thing to have it is a must-have marketing tool for successful Direct Sales Consultants today.

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