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Mommy bloggers are everywhere. They’re getting media attention, have large followings of faithful readers and exert plenty of influence Most recently, the boycott of Marriott hotels due to inconsiderate comments by the company concerning an incident (after a mother was sexually assaulted in their parking lot) and last year, the Motrin Moms battle have undeniably cemented their voice in cyberspace. But, the fact that moms influence buying in the marketplace, is nothing new.

The next generation of mommy bloggers is computer savvy and a force to be reckoned with. They have the power to reach far and wide with their opinions and causes.

Speaking of causes, mommy bloggers support some worthwhile ones. But that needn’t be the only purpose of a mommy blog. You might be thinking of using it to turn a profit to contribute to the income of your household. In that case, keep reading for more information.

First things have to be first though. It is imperative that you remember one IMPORTANT fact. Your future as a profitable mommy blogger could depend on it.

FACT: Just because a blog is influential doesn’t necessarily mean it is profitable as well. In other words, traffic and readership don’t automatically translate into cold-hard cash.

WHAT THAT MEANS FOR YOU: Moms, who want to use their blogs as a profit centers and are simply modeling their blog after influential ones, won’t likely see any cash anytime soon. If you want to make money, you need to model yourself after bloggers that are making money.

Use the following tips to earn some money with your blog:

*Sponsors Should PAY: It’s nice getting free products, but they don’t pay the bills. Sponsors can buy advertising space if they want to support your blog. Exchange your precious real estate for CASH instead of being lured by companies that promise influence and free swag.

*Get Paid to Talk About Products: Get money for the products that you talk about. If you are doing reviews or product giveaways, get yourself an affiliate link. Every time someone clicks on the offer after reading your review and buys a product, you get paid. Once your influence reaches a certain level, consider charging for your reviews.

*Accept the Offers You Want: Many moms don’t want to turn down a potential opportunity that can give them the chance to share products with readers. That adds up to a lot of time for you with very little monetary compensation on the other end. There’s nothing wrong with being selective. Accept those that will meet your needs and let the rest go to someone else without any guilt.

*Track Ads: How is your advertising performing? Tracking your ads lets you see which ones visitors are clicking and which ones are not performing well. Before chucking them, try repositioning the ads.

*Create and Sell your own Products: With digital products, you end up with very little overhead and more profit. It is more cost effective than other products and can be downloaded easily to the customer. Consider eBooks, special reports and software to name a few.

You blog because you like it, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a valuable resource and a profitable venture. Focus on choosing profit-generating activities as you increase your influence among moms and the Internet community.

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