Child Safety in the Home

With all the child safety gadgets and items that can be purchased, many parents think they have taken every precaution to ensure their children’s safety. Expectant parents place outlet covers over electrical outlets, place safety gates at stairways, and install locks on cupboards. Some even purchase locks for the refrigerator and toilets. These products are […]

Kitchen Fun with Children: An Important Life Lesson

One of the easiest and most fun ways to spend time with your kids is by working together in the kitchen. You’ve got to eat anyway, so you might as well have some fun with your kids. It’s better than sitting them in front of the TV or Video Game machine and cooking alone, right? […]

6 Activities to Inspire a Love of Math in your Children

Many parents invest big money in thick workbooks to teach their kids math. Some children are very open to workbooks, whereas others are not. If your child rebels against workbooks, don’t fret. There are plenty of ways to teach math that are fun and educational. 1. Math Uno Remember the standard game of UNO? Have […]

8 Ways To Introduce Your Child To The Alphabet

Teaching your child the alphabet can be fun and creative. With so many educational tools available today, your child can participate in different forms of learning. To this end, here are 8 ways to introduce your child to the alphabet. Use alphabet magnets on your refrigerator. Make an alphabet chart and add objects or pictures […]

9 Tips To Help Your Child Recognize Colors

We live in a world of color. Exposing your child to these colors is part of the learning process. To this end, here are 9 tips to help your child recognize colors. • Using the wide variety of child’s books that are available; specifically picture books that are very colorful, point out the colors and […]

8 Tips To Help Your Child Recognize Shapes

All babies are curious about everything they see or touch. Here are 8 tips to help your child recognize shapes so that teach your child, and at the same time, show them what they can and cannot have. Let’s begin with shapes as this is most important for your child to recognize at an early […]

8 Ways to Make Reading To Your Child A Habit

Reading is the very foundation which enables every child to learn and grow and participate in society. While there are certainly more than 8 ways to make reading to your child a habit, let’s discuss why reading to your child is so important. Read your child’s favorite book over and over. If your child seems […]

Picnic Games for Kids

Picnics bring to mind memories of playing games and running about in wide open spaces. Kids still love to run and play. Use these picnic game ideas to keep your kids occupied during the next family outing. When several kids are present, group games can be played. Divide the kids up into teams. A little […]

Start a Ritual of Tea Time with your girls!

Tea time! Can’t you just picture it? It’s as if it’s just part of being a girl … hats, little teacups, beads and bracelets. Little girls love tea parties… and big girls do too. There are so many great reasons to join up with our friends across the Atlantic and begin the tradition of afternoon […]

The Perfect Princess Tea Party – 7 simple steps

Can you think of anything more feminine, more lovely, more “girly” than a group of young girls… all dressed in their princess finery sitting down to a decked out tea table with royal dainties? Girls across the globe love dress up and love tea…so why not combine the two and make the perfect event for […]

Birthday Party Recipes – 5 tips for the perfect Princess Party menu

You’re ready… your princess has invited the belles of the ball to the finest Princess Birthday Party of the year. You’ve purchased decorations, planned a few games and have some lovely take home gifts for your guests. Now it’s time to plan the finest menu for your royal princess and her court. Let’s make it […]

Children’s Birthday Parties – A timeline for a great event!

Having the best children’s birthday party shouldn’t be a stressful thing. Follow the timeline below and you’re child and you will be the hit of the neighborhood. About a month before your party you’ll want to: Talk with your child and choose a party theme and/or decide what your “entertainment” will be for the party. […]

Fabulous Crafts and Games for Your Princess Party

You have invited the royal guests and have planned a menu that would make any queen proud. The guests will be arriving soon with great expectation of fun and all things pink! You’re having a Princess Party! Here are some easy and fun ideas for games and crafts to make your party the best one […]

Teddy Bears! A Fun Kid’s Birthday Party Idea

Teddy bears! Just saying it out loud brings thoughts of warmth, fun, cuddles and joy! Children love stuffed animals and the teddy bear has been a favorite of children of all ages for almost a hundred years when the idea took hold in both Germany and the United States. And when President Roosevelt used a […]