What’s Your Communication Personality?

Are you a Gabby Gloria or a Shy Sheila? And how can knowing this help you be a more effective communicator? Understanding your communication personality can allow you to make slight changes in your communication style that can help you relate better to others. Most people are some combination but may be dominant in one. […]

Communication Assessment Quiz

Check your CEQ: Communication Effectiveness Quotient. 1. How often do you feel intimidated by someone? Always Often Occasionally Rarely Never 2. How often does intimidation prevent you from speaking up? Always Often Occasionally Rarely Never 3. Do you shy away from conflict? Always Often Occasionally Rarely Never 4. How often do you find it difficult […]

Surviving Family Financial Hardship: My Story

My daughter is 18 years old this year, older than I was when she was born. For years we lived on a very low income and barely made ends meet. She watched me work my way through college, studying hard, often working more than one job to make ends meet. If you were to ask […]

Dr. Seuss Inspired Recipes – Your Kids Will Love These

What child doesn’t grow up with Dr. Seuss books? We have quite a few of them lying around the house. The kids love the silly characters and the rhymes. The Dr. Seuss inspired recipes that I’m about to share with you have been a great hit in my house. Of course the famous green eggs […]

Fun Baked Birthday Treats

The traditional birthday cake isn’t the only yummy option you have when it comes to baked goods for your child’s birthday party. We have come up with some other ideas that are more than just a substitute for a birthday cake. They are creative, delicious and just plain different. Decorate A Cookie · Sugar Cookie […]

Using Public Restrooms While Potty Training

You’ve been potty training your little one and so far things are moving along smoothly. She has figured out how to use the potty and there are hardly any accidents. It is time to finally venture outside the home without training pants. This of course means that she will have to start using public restrooms. […]

7 Ways To Cheer Your Kids Up On A Rainy Day

You know those days…It’s been pouring for hours (or even day) and the kids have the Rainy Day Blues. Here are some simple ways to cheer them up and keep them entertained until the weather clears up. Make A Batch Of Cookies What child doesn’t love to make – and of course eat – cookies. […]

Tips To Get Your Child To Clean His Room

Are you tired of constantly reminding on your child to clean his room? And then come back 30 minutes later to find him playing with his toys, the room looking worse than ever? Then try some of these tips to get your child motivated to clean his room. Don’t Let The Mess Get Out Of […]

How To Motivate Kids To Get Ready For School In The Morning

Are you tired of fussing and fighting with your kids to get them out of the door and onto the bus? Getting them out of bed, dressed, feed and on there way isn’t always an easy task, especially when they don’t really want to do it. Here are some tips on how to motivate kids […]

Family Game Night – A Great Way To Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

We recently started to play board games on a regular basis in our family. Even I was surprised how great of a time everyone involved is having. Not only was it a lot of fun to play board and card games, but we also got to chat about our day and anything else that’s going […]

Let’s Play Outside – 4 Fun Outdoor Activities For Families

With the weather finally starting to cool down, now is a great time to go outside and play with your kids. Not only is the sunshine and fresh air good for everyone in the family, but playing outside is also a great way to get some exercise. Here are some ideas for you and your […]

How to Prepare Your Child for the First Day of School

The first day of school for your child is going to be a big day for both of you, and for some it may cause some fear and anxiety. As a parent, you can do a great deal to help your child get through this time of change and new experience by helping them prepare […]

How This Busy Mom Gets Dinner On The Table

You know the drill… you run around all day taking care of the kids, the household and your job and before you know it 7pm rolls around and you have no idea what to fix for dinner. That used to be me too. The solution was usually to sever everyone a bowl of cereal or […]

Fun with Children: Making Memories on a Budget

What childhood memories do you hold dear? For me, it was all the times “life happened”. The little things like playing outside, riding my bike with the wind in my hair, playing at the park, swimming in the lakes, giggling with friends. None of those moments cost a cent, yet they are some of my […]

Old-fashioned Ways To Inspire Children

Walk through any toy store and you will see walls and walls of toys that are loud — toys that require batteries, have flashing lights, or that look like your child’s favorite movie character. But, what about those of us who want to raise children with imagination and curiosity? I’ll tell you what we do. […]

Mom, Are you Happy?

I’m a new Stay at Home Mom and I’m just miserable. I love my baby, but I miss my career and my co-workers. Going back to work isn’t an option. But, how can I be happy? What can I do? Signed – Miserable in MO Dear Miserable, Making the transition from a busy career woman […]

Simple Summer Safety Tips for Children

Summer is a fun time, but it’s also a time when a lot of accidents happen. Here are some ways to keep your children safe this summer. Water safety. If you have a pool or plan to be around the water at all, then make sure you’ve got all security devices in place. All gates […]

6 Ways you Can Get the Kids Outdoors This Summer

Summer is time for outdoor fun with your children. However, sometimes the days are long and your ideas are short. Here are some ideas to help you make sure your active ones are busy and getting lots of fresh air this summer. Garden Your child will learn science, responsibility and have fun by planting a […]

3 Ways to Inspire a Love of Reading in your Children

If your child is showing little interest in reading, there is hope. Sometimes moms and dads have to get sneaky, but you can still turn your child into a reader, even if he is reluctant about it. 1. The Early Bedtime trick. One of my favorite ways to get my kids to read is something […]

3 Ways to Inspire a Love of Reading in your Children

If your child is showing little interest in reading, there is hope. Sometimes moms and dads have to get sneaky, but you can still turn your child into a reader, even if he is reluctant about it. 1. The Early Bedtime trick. One of my favorite ways to get my kids to read is something […]