Help Kids Make Smart Choices

If you didn’t teach your children the process of making a decision when they were younger, it’s not too late. It’s better to teach them now before they leave home than their having to deal with unpleasant consequences as young adults. You may want to role play with them to teach them the process. Read […]

Why moms need self-discipline

We parents know that helping our kids develop self-discipline will help them to be happier and more successful adults. But what it the key was to start with ourselves? If we’re having trouble keeping our cool or meeting personal goals, maybe creating a few rules and habits could help us gain willpower. Read more here.

Homeschooling: on doing what works for you

Homeschooling parents have a dizzying array of educational philosophies and curriculum to choose from. It’s easy, especially as a new home educator, to lose confidence when presented with new ways of doing things. Learning how to “take what you want and leave the rest” is essential to your peace of mind and productivity as a […]

Minimalist Parenting

Minimalism has become a big buzzword online. When most people think of a minimalist, they imagine a single guy who lives a digital nomad lifestyle. But can you be a minimalist while parenting? Absolutely. Minimalism in a nutshell is about spending one’s time and money on what they truly cherish, and valuing experiences over things. […]

Telling The Truth About Surrogacy

When you cover a topic that people have lots of opinion on, you’re going to tread on toes once in awhile – and I’m comfortable with that. I have to be if I want to serve my community well! I’ve always worked to be real, but I know I’ve occasionally ‘sugar coated’ the truth.  Well, […]

Good Parenting: You Can’t Make Everything Fair For Your Kids

“It’s not fair she got more cereal than I did!” “It’s not fair he got more TV time then me. ” “It’s not fair he always gets to go to his friends house and I don’t” Does this sound familiar? There are some things that children say that send us running for cover. “It’s not […]

3 Simple Steps to Better Decision Making

One of the biggest challenges I see people struggle with is making decisions. There’s this burning need inside of us to avoid making a mistake when it comes to choosing one over the other. They key is to know when a decision really matters (“should I marry this guy?”) or is it a mere blip […]

How Do You Organize Your Time When the Kids Are in School?

I read an article online recently that called the beginning of the school year the “New Year for Moms.” I think that’s an appropriate title as it does feel like the start of a new year now that my kids are back in school. For those of us running businesses, it’s also just a few […]

9 Game Changing Tips for Women Entrepreneurs in 2013

At the end of each year, I take an inventory of my life and business to shine a light on what proved to be most effective. Here are my top nine timely tips for women entrepreneurs who are ready to make a big leap in 2013.

Smart Women Survive Summer Break

Women entrepreneurs everywhere are experiencing the same dilemma and asking themselves the same question: “How do I manage my business while navigating the kids during summer break?” Before you dive into summer, take a few minutes to read these quick tips that will make your days more enjoyable.

How to Stay Focused On God When Life Feels Out Of Control

Keeping our eyes on the Lord can be tough, especially when life feels out of our control. Here are a few tips I have for how to stay focused.

Lying Children: What You Need To Do To Encourage Honesty

When children lie for the first time, parents can get very upset. They immediately envision a life of crime for their little angel. Parents can rest easy. Lying is a common problem among all children. Why do children lie? Children lie to avoid punishment or embarrassment. They can lie because it is convenient. They would […]

Smart Women and The Art of Self-Promotion

This article is about how women entrepreneurs can sometimes feel nervous or anxious about promoting their business. It offers several tips on how to overcome this obstacle in a way that feels feminine and authentic.

Good Parenting: Learn Ways To Cope With Your Family’s Bad Moods

Sometimes holidays can be challenging. The Passover holiday was fun. Our family spent a lot of time together. I would like to tell you that it we all behaved and it was an idyll, serene time. However, I would be lying. We had lots of good times but quite often conflict reared its head. We […]

Smart Women Make Decisions

When you weigh yourself down in decision making and stall the moving forward process, the cost is high. It can affect your health and your business. Here are some tips and solutions I use when I’m feeling stuck and need to get moving.

Smart Women Have Rituals for Success

Do you have rituals for success in your life and business? Here are 7 rituals I use to help me stay on course and honor what I value most.

Smart Women And The 4 Entrepreneurial Phases

This article is about the journey that entrepreneurs take when they first start a business and the phases they need to go through in order to reach their highest goals. There are different skill sets needed at certain phases to make the business a success.

Smart Women, Niche Marketing and Yoga Johnny

This article is about the importance of finding your niche and identifying your ideal client. It simplifies your marketing and collapses your time frame for building your business.

A Mom’s Struggle With Anxiety Finally Leads To Peace

In the spring of 1996 at age 30, I had my first beautiful daughter. It was love at first sight. I could not believe how much my heart grew when I looked at that precious little baby. But I was scared too. I was diagnosed with panic disorder in my early 20’s and so I […]

When Loved Ones Hit the Road: How to Handle it When Someone You Love Can’t Handle Your Child’s Illness

     My 12 year old son, Seth, was born with multiple congenital heart defects.  His second (and, hopefully, last!) open-heart surgery took place almost 2 years ago.  During the whole process of getting Seth through his surgery and recovery, I was deeply hurt by a person I love. This person hadn’t called or visited during […]