Breaking The Food Addiction – Flush It Out

Now that you have recognized that you have an addiction to the additives in processed foods, and you have cleared your home of these drugs now you must flush it out of your system. There are many ways to flush out the toxins. The very best ways include drinking a lot of fresh filtered water, and exercising. It’s not unlike coming off other types of drugs in terms of detoxification of your body. When you feel the compulsion coming on you must replace the activity to something healthy, exercising or drinking water are the best things and both are good for you.

There are many kinds of exercise you can do, but it’s important that you cause yourself to sweat during your exercise so that you can flush out the toxins. Most of us do not like to sweat but if you think of this right, you will realize that with every drop of sweat is ridding your body of toxins that you will never put back into your body. Any kind of exercise helps: a rebounder, walking, aerobics, even gardening or house cleaning. Turn up the music, and dance around the house with your kids, or see how fast you can clean the living room. Vacuuming, scrubbing the floor, gardening are all fabulous ways to sweat it out.

The other thing you should do is drink plenty of liquids, especially water, to flush it out. Many people have never drunk plain water and never drink water at all. All their fluids are either full of chemicals in the form of soft drinks, fake sugars, real sugar, and other additives. They have no idea what real water even tastes like and never consider drinking it. Water should not be overlooked, because it is truly the best way to hydrate your body. The best secret is that once you get rid of all the sugars and fake sugars from your diet, water will eventually start tasting sweet and wonderful and you won’t be able to get enough.

There is nothing better to rehydrate your body than fresh, filtered water. Today, believe it or not, there are even certain brands of water that have been ruined by additives that they claim are good for you. But fake sugars are just as bad for you as regular sugar. Get a fresh start today, and start replenishing your body’s fluids with fresh, filtered water. Most tap water has less pollution in it than many brands of bottled water on the market, but it is important to filter it to get out the bleach and cleaners used to detoxify the water.

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