Breaking the Food Addiction – Cancel the Cravings

One of the reasons you feel extra hungry when eating processed foods, aside from the fact that they are intentionally made to be addictive, is that they are depleted of any of their nutritional components. Your body alerts you to hunger because it needs nutrition. You can literally be obese and be “starving” your body to death if you’re not taking in the nutrients your body needs in order to thrive. Supplements, while helpful in some cases, are not the answer to all nutritional deficiencies, eating right is.

The answer is to have an abundance of nutrient rich, delicious food on hand to eat when you are hungry. Honestly, no one ever got fat from eating too many fresh, organic, unaltered apples! When you feed your body food with nutrition in it, your body will quickly become accustomed to the fact that you are going to feed it real food (and nutrition!) that you’ll start becoming full faster. Your body will be so satisfied that you are eating food that actually fills you up and provides everything you need for good health and energy, that you won’t be hungry all the time any longer. Once this happens, thinness will become a natural byproduct because you won’t overeat due to the compulsive, addictive behavior that the processed foods cause.

In addition, you won’t even want those stale packaged foods anymore. If you do have an occasional slip up, you’ll have one bite and not like it at all. Trust me on this.  The fake food will taste too salty, too sweet, and too fake for your taste buds to enjoy. There really will come a day when you will crave fresh steamed broccoli over packaged fake cheese covered chopped broccoli. You might even enjoy the steamed broccoli more than you enjoy eating Twinkies.

I know it’s hard to believe right now, but the truth is, this has been proven time and time again by people who cut out processed foods and excess sugars from their diet. Eating nutrient dense food is one of the most important components of weight management. It doesn’t matter how much you weigh now, or who you are, if you eat a diet that is full of nutrients your body will not crave food as often, and it will become a normal weight. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. The great thing is, it will feel like it’s happening quite fast, because you won’t be suffering from deprivation, hunger, or starvation.

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