Breaking the Food Addiction – Abstinence

Now that you’ve accepted that you have an addiction to the chemicals found in processed food, the second component is to completely get the substance out of your system. Like any drug, as long as you have “just a little” it can activate the compulsion. Just as an alcoholic can’t have alcoholic beverages around to tempt them, you should not have these foods around to tempt you. Many people, especially moms, will often say “but I have to have it around for my kids, or my husband” but honestly, you don’t.

They do not need these foods any more than you do. Even people who are relatively thin, do not need to eat these chemicals either. There is a little known problem being noticed recently that some people who are not fat, yet eat all these processed foods have “fat blood” and can be just as sick as someone who is obese but they don’t show it on the outside like someone with a weight problem does.

Remember the alcoholic? He can’t even have one sip of the addictive substance, and neither can you. But, it doesn’t have to be torture. You can replace these chemicals with all natural, organic foods, and while at first you may experience some withdrawal you won’t be hungry, and you won’t feel the withdrawal for long. You can overcome it simply by making a few replacements and exchanges in your current diet. Remember, just replace any processed foods with whole, natural, organic foods and you will be fine, and so will your husband and kids. In fact, everyone will thank you for taking care of their health.

In order to do this you need to practice abstinence and you can only do this by clearing your home of any of these chemical substances. Clean your cabinets and refrigerator of anything that is not completely whole, natural, and unaltered. No genetically modified substance, no chemically enhanced foods whether they are advertised as “health food” or not. If anything has high fructose corn syrup, corn sugar, sugar, white flour, or additives you cannot pronounce toss it. Throw it away and replace with healthier alternatives.

Remember, some of these ingredients are added under different names to try to fool you. Do your due diligence and research the ingredients in your food before you ingest it. For instance High fructose corn syrup may be called chicory, inulin, iso glucose, glucose-fructose syrup, fruit fructose, corn sugar and the list goes on. Pay close attention if you don’t know what something is, it is probably best not to eat it until you do know. I’m sure if you knew years ago that you were causing yourself and your entire family to be addicted to these substances you would have not eaten them. But you were unaware, now you’re not.

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