Quinoa Nutrition Facts – This Is What Makes It Such A Healthy Food

You have to be living under a rock to not have heard mention of Quinoa the super grain from South America. As we start to explore the nutritional facts of quinoa, you will see that this is a very good thing. By the way, quinoa is pronounced KEEN-wah and was priced by the Inca in […]

Here’s How To Make Frozen Fruit Smoothies

Frozen fruit smoothies are always a favorite in my kitchen. They are simple to make and are actually good for you. These delicious frozen drinks can be made with all sorts of fruit and of course you can also combine them and make your own personal creations. This is how to make the perfect frozen […]

Healthy Fruit Smoothies – Indulge In One Of These Today

Healthy fruit smoothies are the perfect snack during the hot days of summer. These delicious treats will not only cool you down, they are also full of vitamins, calcium and plenty of water. Get out your blender and create your own favorite version. Smoothies can be made with just about any fruit. Just try a […]

Replace Your Dryer With An Old-Fashioned Clothes Line

We are all so used to just throwing our clothes straight from the washer to the dryer. What if, instead, you hung your clothes up on a laundry line to dry? There are quite a few benefits to this, not the least of which the fact that you will save quite a bit of money each week.

7 Tips For Creating A Frugal Meal Plan That Works For You And Your Family

Groceries are one area in your family budget where you can easily save quite a bit each way. A perfect way to do that is to create a frugal meal plan each week that will help you spend less at the grocery store. But for this to work (especially in the long run), you have […]

Is Avocado A Fruit Or Vegetable?

I’ve always been fascinated by avocado. It is such a delicious, creamy and rich treat that’s pretty versatile. You can enjoy it savory as well as sweet dishes. It’s rather healthy but also incredibly rich and fatty. One of the questions that often comes up is this: Is avocado a fruit or a vegetable? Since […]

7 Tips For Living in a Frugal Way

There are a lot of reasons why more and more of us are embracing a more frugal lifestyle. Sure, some of it is due to the economy and we are becoming more frugal by either necessity or fear. But for many of us it is a lifestyle choice. It’s a way to get back to […]

Make A Weight-Loss New Year’s Resolution And Stick With It All Year Long

Losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions each year. We all start with great intentions but after a few weeks, we fall back into our usual unhealthy lifestyle and the weight we did lose creeps back on. Let’s take a look at what steps to take to make sure we still […]

How To Set Sensible Weight-Loss Goals

The key to any successful weight-loss endeavor is to set some sensible weight loss goals. Setting goals will let you track your progress and gives you a definite target to aim for. You don’t want to aim too high and set yourself up for failure or even worse, risk your health by losing too much […]

How To Make Sure You Will Give Up On Your Weight Loss Resolution In 4 Weeks

Every year millions of us make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Every year millions of us give up before the end of January. Let’s take a look at some of the things we do to set ourselves up for failure year after year. Super Restrictive Diets We all like instant gratification. We want […]

Top 3 Causes For Eczema

If you are suffering from eczema, one of the most important things to do is to discover what may be causing your eczema, so you can do what you can to avoid future outbreaks. While eczema can be caused by a wide variety of factors, you will find the three most common causes for eczema […]

Top Three Natural Eczema Treatments

Eczema is a skin condition that causes dry, read and itchy spots. If you are suffering from eczema, you are looking for treatment options and relief for this condition. Natural eczema treatments are a great way to provide relief from eczema. Here are three natural eczema treatments you can try. Natural Healing Lotions When it […]

Top 5 Guidelines For Cooking Healthy Meals For Your Family

Cooking healthy for your family is important for everyone. Not only will you be eating healthy meals, but your children will learn a lot from eating healthy. They will get to experience healthy foods that they may have not even tried before, or wanted to. They will learn how to cook healthy meals so that […]

Dr. Seuss Inspired Recipes – Your Kids Will Love These

What child doesn’t grow up with Dr. Seuss books? We have quite a few of them lying around the house. The kids love the silly characters and the rhymes. The Dr. Seuss inspired recipes that I’m about to share with you have been a great hit in my house. Of course the famous green eggs […]

Fun Baked Birthday Treats

The traditional birthday cake isn’t the only yummy option you have when it comes to baked goods for your child’s birthday party. We have come up with some other ideas that are more than just a substitute for a birthday cake. They are creative, delicious and just plain different. Decorate A Cookie · Sugar Cookie […]

Using Public Restrooms While Potty Training

You’ve been potty training your little one and so far things are moving along smoothly. She has figured out how to use the potty and there are hardly any accidents. It is time to finally venture outside the home without training pants. This of course means that she will have to start using public restrooms. […]

7 Ways To Cheer Your Kids Up On A Rainy Day

You know those days…It’s been pouring for hours (or even day) and the kids have the Rainy Day Blues. Here are some simple ways to cheer them up and keep them entertained until the weather clears up. Make A Batch Of Cookies What child doesn’t love to make – and of course eat – cookies. […]

Tips To Get Your Child To Clean His Room

Are you tired of constantly reminding on your child to clean his room? And then come back 30 minutes later to find him playing with his toys, the room looking worse than ever? Then try some of these tips to get your child motivated to clean his room. Don’t Let The Mess Get Out Of […]

How To Motivate Kids To Get Ready For School In The Morning

Are you tired of fussing and fighting with your kids to get them out of the door and onto the bus? Getting them out of bed, dressed, feed and on there way isn’t always an easy task, especially when they don’t really want to do it. Here are some tips on how to motivate kids […]

Family Game Night – A Great Way To Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

We recently started to play board games on a regular basis in our family. Even I was surprised how great of a time everyone involved is having. Not only was it a lot of fun to play board and card games, but we also got to chat about our day and anything else that’s going […]