10 Ways for a Book Author to Share Free Content on the Internet

Book authors sell their books — the fruits of their writing labor. Thus it may seem counterintuitive to recommend that, for online book marketing success, book authors must be willing to share abundant free content. Why is this? On the Internet people are usually looking for relationships (connections) before buying something. Even if the book […]

Your Book Is Judged by Its Cover — 7 Tips for Effective Internet Book Selling

Books have always been judged by their covers. In a bookstore you look at the cover first, then turn over the book to read the back cover. Or maybe you next read the inside front and back flap covers of a hardcover book. Now, though, many of us judge a book by first seeing it […]

How Authors Can Use Their Books as the Basis for an Internet Business

Whether you have a fiction or nonfiction book, there’s a lot more gold in that tome than you may realize. Let me show you what I mean: We’ll start with a nonfiction book we’ll call 15 WAYS TO START AN ONLINE BUSINESS. And we’ll agree that: • The book has been published (whether from a […]

Amazon book and product reviews: 6 steps for positive online exposure

Reprinted from a blog post of Phyllis Zimbler Miller as a National Internet Business Examiner. Amazon today is such a behemoth site that it’s hard to grasp the possibilities for marketing your brand on Amazon, which you can do even if you’re not a book author. And these opportunities are made more confusing because Amazon […]

Avoid Internet Career Embarrassment – Dos and Don’ts for Social Networking

Particularly in connection with your current employment and future employment, you must be very careful what you post on social media networks such as MySpace and Facebook. More and more potential employers are checking out these sites and others such as LinkedIn before offering interviews to potential employees.

How to Optimize Your Amazon Profile to Market Your Book

Published and self-published authors can optimize their exposure on Amazon thanks to many author-friendly features. And if you don’t know about these opportunities, you’re wasting free book marketing resources.

How to Get Free Targeted and Sincere Reviews for Your Book

Getting free targeted and sincere reviews for your book requires research, commitment and follow through. I’m going to share with you the mistakes I made and the things I did right about getting book reviews for my novel MRS. LIEUTENANT. First the mistakes: I waited until the book was published instead of sending out the […]

Marketing Your Book: 5 Tips for Choosing the Domain Name for Your Website or Blog

Before you can set up that website or blog, you have to purchase a domain name (such as www.queensofbookmarketing.com). And choosing the domain name for your website or blog on which to market your book may seem an easy thing to do. What’s the big deal?

The big deal is how easy or hard you are going to make it for fans or potential fans to find you on the web.

If you’re a new author, or about to have your own website or blog for the first time, give serious consideration to what you’re using to brand yourself and your project.

Fiction Book Marketing Tips to Help Authors Build a Bond with Readers

To encourage readers to want to spend time in the imaginary world of your novel, you should provide information that helps them enter into your world.

6 Tips for Creating Book Club Discussion Questions for Your Book

Book groups can be a good target market for your book, especially if it’s fiction. But given how busy people are, it’s helpful for readers to know that if they suggest a book to their reading group they won’t have to struggle to come up with questions. All the work has already been done for them by the author!

Saying Yes to Self-Publishing Your Novel: My Story

How many of you have a partially written or completely written novel stashed in a drawer or on your computer, destined never to see the light of day?

Now is the time to consider self-publishing your novel.