Top 7 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Marketing a Business with Public Speaking

Public speaking to market a small business is one of the fastest and most effective ways to get more clients, grow your list of prospects, and boost your credibility all at the same time. When you create what I call a Signature Speech to market your business you’re on your way to fabulous results. As […]

How Not to Give Away Too Much During Your Pro-Bono “Signature Speech”

Public speaking is well-known as a powerful tool to market your small or home-based business. When you put together what I call a Signature Speech, you’ll deliver valuable information for free to groups of people who fit your ideal client profile. But the question often comes up: “How can I deliver a powerful Signature Speech […]

6 Tips for What to Do When You Have a Few Minutes to Speak About Your Business

Public speaking provides a powerful way for you to market your business in a variety of contexts. Often, you may find yourself at a networking meeting or other occasion where you’ll be invited to speak for just a brief period about your business. Only a few minutes isn’t enough time to deliver a full-length “Signature […]

One Life-Changing Thing You Need to Know About the Fear of Public Speaking

Public speaking has long been called one of the most powerful forms of communication. Mastering the art of public speaking can help you achieve many professional goals. Whether you work for a company or have your own business, when you learn how to speak properly in front of an audience, you can get ahead and […]

So You Wanna Use a Speech to Market Your Business in the Virtual World?

Public speaking is THE tool that will launch your business into success — either in your community or in the virtual world. The word is out: entrepreneurs everywhere know the benefit of public speaking to market a service-based business. This question appeared on a forum this week: “I’m working on a marketing plan for speaking […]