A Celebration of Times Past: Planning a Vintage Wedding

A vintage wedding theme is a great way to incorporate the elegance of the past into your ceremony and reception. From the smallest touches to a perfectly planned fete, planning a vintage wedding is a lot of fun for everyone. Refine the vintage wedding theme with these tips and hints!

Popping the Question: A Guide to Wedding Proposals

When it comes time to pop the question to your girlfriend, there are countless things you should keep in mind. No formula is fool-proof, but certain wedding proposals go over better than others. Prep yourself for the big moment by learning what to do when popping the question.

Tips for Writing Wedding Speeches

If you’ve been asked to deliver a speech at your friend’s wedding, relax. Writing a wedding speech is a lot easier than you would think. By integrating your own personal flair along with some heartfelt emotion and spontaneity, you can deliver a speech that dazzles the crowd. Continue reading to discover some helpful techniques for creating touching wedding speeches.

Choosing a Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape

Finding the perfect dress for your wedding day is a constant struggle to mesh with your particular body shape. Aside from the always-in-vogue A-line dress, there are very few wedding gowns that offer flattering characteristics to everyone. Choosing a wedding dress is one of the most important steps of your big day – discover what works with your shape best.

The Collaborative Wedding Budget: Coordinating Multiple Parties with Ease

Planning a wedding on a budget can be tricky, especially if you have other parties interested in helping you financially. Though a frank talk and some hammered out details are vital to getting a wedding budget off the ground, there are a few other necessary steps to take to make sure you and your fiancé are on the right track.

From Favors to Food: Common Bridesmaid Duties

Whether this is your first time as a bridesmaid or you have a row of flouncy dresses hanging in your closet, the bridesmaid’s responsibilities are often the same. Fortunately, you have the help of a number of other bridesmaids to ensure the wedding flows seamlessly. For the new bridesmaid, here is a list of some common bridesmaid duties you’ll be called upon to fulfill.

Picture Perfect: A Wedding Photographer Checklist

Choosing a wedding photographer, one of your most important vendors, is a major decision. Use this helpful checklist to identify the right wedding photographer to capture the special moments of your big day.

Don’t Forget the Guys: Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Buying gifts for your groomsmen and best man is an important part of thanking your friends for their support! Continue reading to learn more about the top groomsmen gift ideas and favorite picks for 2010.

Recession-Chic: Throwing a Fabulous, Yet Frugal Wedding for Next to Nothing

Just because money’s tight doesn’t mean you have to postpone your wedding! A fabulous, yet frugal wedding can be easily achieved with a little discretion and forethought. Discover this year’s best tips and tricks for planning a wedding on a budget that’s not only elegant, but cost-effective as well.

Wedding Day Tips: Top Ten Details to Remember

The potential for something going wrong on your wedding day is always there, but you can combat much of that wedding stress with a few simple wedding day tips. From bringing comfortable shoes to providing accurate directions to the venue, you can plan ahead to avoid disaster. Continue reading to find the top ten wedding details to remember.

Newly Engaged after the Holidays: Start Planning Your Wedding Now!

For newly engaged couples, planning a wedding can be overwhelming. You and your loved one will have major decisions to make in the upcoming months, a task that can often cause undue stress. Planning your own wedding doesn’t have to be a hassle though — here are five simple steps specifically geared to newly engaged couples!

A Wedding to Remember: Unique Wedding Ideas They’ll Never Forget

When many brides decide to personalize their wedding, it usually involves something simpler, such as the favors, music, attire, or refreshments. There are no rules set in stone that you must follow when it comes to planning a wedding however. Using a little ingenuity (and planning), you can create a wedding day that’s fun and memorable for everyone! Consider these unique wedding ideas to get inspiration for your own big day.

Fall in Love with Festive Fall Wedding Favors

Autumn themed weddings are meant to be warm, cozy affairs, and the reception is the perfect time to build on your theme with charming fall wedding favors at each guest’s plate setting. Autumn wedding favors come in a variety of colors and styles, from candle holders and bottle stoppers to bookmarks, champagne flutes, and so much more. Continue reading to discover this year’s favorite fall wedding favors.

The World’s Top Places for Destination Weddings

Destination weddings have countless perks for the bride, groom, their families, and friends. But destination wedding planning is difficult, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the area. Here are the world’s top destination wedding locations that offer romance in a different flavor, all of which provide experts who specialize in planning a beautiful wedding for you and your guests.

Surviving Your Wedding: Stress-Free Wedding Tips

Planning a wedding is a lot of work, which is why many brides rely on their planner, family, and friends to offer helpful, stress-free wedding tips during the entire process. Surviving wedding stress and preventing potential problems can be achieved with enough time and the right plan of action. Continue reading to discover five ways to combat stressful wedding situations.

10 Essentials for Brides at Their Wedding: Tips to Keep You Looking Your Best

There are a few items that every bride should keep with her at all times on her wedding day. Things such as comfortable shoes, a compact mirror, and aspirin are perhaps some of the most essential bride must-haves. Stay prepared for any minor catastrophe with these helpful wedding tips that will keep you looking and feeling your best.

Honeymoon Ideas: Favorite Destinations for Lovebirds

Whatever your style or budget, there are thousands of popular honeymoon destinations around the world that cater to recently married couples. From the outdoorsy types to the history buffs, these honeymoon ideas help you and your sweetie make it the trip of the lifetime!

Party Favors Aren’t Just for Weddings

Most amateur party planners automatically assume party favors are just for weddings. Think again! One way to liven up the festivities — whether it’s an anniversary, baby shower, birthday party, bridal shower, graduation party, or quinceanera — is with functional, affordable party favors. Continue reading to discover some unique party favor ideas for your next get together.

Unearthing the Origins of Nuptial Bliss: Our Most Beloved Wedding Traditions

Today’s marriage ceremony is made up of a number of different wedding traditions, many of which have their origins in historical necessity or superstitions. Whether it’s wearing a white gown or tying cans to the bumper, our most beloved wedding customs provide us with a link to the past!