Quick Traffic Strategies

Whether it is feet through the front door of a store or clicks onto your website, to build a sustainable business that generates sales a business owner needs traffic. You want to get as large a percentage of your target audience interested in your business as possible.

5 Website Mistakes to Avoid

Some websites are successful not because they’ve discovered the secret to success but simply because they avoid some of the major mistakes new website owners make.

3 Tips for Building a Website to Promote Your Service Business

One of the fastest ways for a budding entrepreneur to leverage the power of the Internet and start generating an income is to start a service business…online.

Easy Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a technical sounding term that’s simply a strategy for making your website relevant to your target audience and structuring your website in such a way that it will be found by search engines when your keywords are entered by users.

Putting YOU Into Your Website

It’s been said again and again that relationships are the key to a successful business. When running a business online the relationship between online business owner and reader develops when the owner’s voice or personality is reflected in that website.

Direct Sales Consultant? Why You Need A Website

Picture this: You meet a prospective customer named Ellen in a line-up at your local supermarket. It turns out that not only is Ellen interested in your product, she likes buying from people she knows. She asks for your card and promises to call you.

Website Success Strategies for Service Providers

There is a big market for a variety of services that can be delivered online. In fact, one of the fastest ways to generate income with an online business is to offer a service. Examples of successful online service businesses include graphic design, virtual assistance, web content writing, life coaching and marketing consultation.

5 Tips for Creating a Website that Sells

There was once a time when becoming a serious business owner meant you had to invest significant dollars into leasing commercial space. You might spend thousands of dollars in rent before a single sale.

How To Write Great Content In A Snap

Many small business owners launching websites today create and manage their own website content. There are some tried and true strategies for ensuring that the content you create helps to support your marketing and sales objectives.

Listen… Then Reach your Target Market

Are you one of the many who feel that their audience isn’t listening to what they have to say? Content site and blog owners work hard to bring good quality content to their readers but are disappointed when it isn’t taking root with the readers. What’s the problem? If the problem is a bad connection […]

Great Audio and Video Begin with Words… The Written Word

Audio and especially video, are buzzwords of the day when it comes to content marketing. Multi-media is cheap to produce and can be consumed by a large chunk of Internet users. Plus, it can really pack a punch with connecting to your reader. But before you start your next audio or video, have a plan. […]

Creating Profitable Mommy Blogs

Mommy bloggers are everywhere. They’re getting media attention, have large followings of faithful readers and exert plenty of influence Most recently, the boycott of Marriott hotels due to inconsiderate comments by the company concerning an incident (after a mother was sexually assaulted in their parking lot) and last year, the Motrin Moms battle have undeniably […]

Don’t Have a Copywriting Swipe File? Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Should Get One

When I first heard someone say “swipe file” in regard to copywriting a few years back, I was horrified. If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s basically keeping a folder (printed or digital) of sales copy to refer to when crafting your own copy. I know! It seemed like people were suggesting that I […]

Being a WAHM is Serious Business

I’ve been working closely with work at home moms for over 3 years. It’s great to connect with other mothers who share the same goal – to build a business that earns great money, so we can stay home with our kids. I have seen many success stories. I’ve also seen many moms come and […]

But I Need to Make Money Now: How to Work from Home

A subscriber to my newsletter recently asked: “Hi. My question is where do I start? I have been with a couple of programs for a few months now and I’m getting nowhere fast. I just want to earn some extra money so we are not broke all the time we can never seem to get […]

Who Cares What YOU Think?

“I hate pop-ups!” “Audio that starts on a website without warning is annoying.” “What’s with these 15-20 page sales letters that just go on and on? I would never buy anything from a site like that.” “I hate those websites that make me give their email address before giving me any information. When I see […]

Providing a Service? But That’s Not Passive Income!

Because I love to see people get the most out of their online businesses and personal lives too, I always encourage business owners to create as much passive income as possible. That way, you’ll have time for the more important things in your life. Still, when we are in need of money, the Internet is […]

How to Make Your Own Web Page

Whether it’s for business or personal use, it seems like everyone has a web page these days. That may be because it’s become so affordable and easy to put a web page together. Web page building is no longer for the “tech geeks”. Once upon a time, you had to learn HTML (hyper-text markup language) […]

Do I Need a Web Designer?

When business owners decide to take business online, the question always comes up, “Do I need a web designer or can I build my own website?” Both options are very viable, but you need to decide what’s best for you and your business. Here’s some things to consider: If you hire a web designer, you […]

Stop Complaining and Make a Change

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of online service-based business complain that cheaper alternatives are driving them out of business. I’ve seen virtual assistants angry that anyone would work for US $10 per hour. I’m surprised by that anger because $10 is above the minimum wage in every single state in the U.S. and province in […]