Article Ideas for Promoting Your Gift Baskets

Article marking is hot. Internet marketing is huge. It used to be that you had to have a website; and then you had to work hard on search engine optimization. Those two requirements are still vitally important – yet alone, they are not enough.

The use of articles is a proven method to drive traffic to your website. The benefit is two fold: increased traffic and increased reputation as a SME – Subject Matter Expert in your chosen field.

You most definitely can use articles to promote your gift baskets. One word of caution, articles need to be informative, not a sales pitch. Typically at the bottom of the article you have a brief byline such as “Jane Doe is a WAHM who lives in Anytown, US. She is the owner of” If appropriate, you can also include a link within the article as a reference; just be careful not to over do it on advertising.

Here are some possible gift basket article topics to get you started: Gift giving for the – single mom, new mom, sports fanatic, recent graduate or special man. Don’t focus on the actual gift basket, but rather items that particular market would like – e.g. mom needs to be pampered, popcorn and a universal remote, a pen set and planner, tickets to a movie and favorite cologne.

Or write about gift giving for the over worked, over booked giver. Focus on convenience. You want to present yourself as an expert in gift giving – not in the actual gift baskets.

Don’t overlook the simple fact that articles can increase your bottom line. Whether you use your content for blogs, your own website, newsletters, or you choose to submit them to content banks people are thirsty for knowledge and want your information available at their fingertips. Now start writing!

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Kelly McCausey is the host of Work at Home Moms Talk Radio and co-author of Easy Article Marketing. Learn how to promote your business and make more sales through articles.

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