5 Website Mistakes to Avoid

Some websites are successful not because they’ve discovered the secret to success but simply because they avoid some of the major mistakes new website owners make. 

Here are 5 website mistakes to avoid. 

1. Bad Graphic Design 

Not everyone has the ability to design a professional looking website but there are some key points to take note of to ensure that your website “works”: 

  • Understand who your target market is and choose a design or website theme template that would appeal to this market.  For instance if your business caters to a technical audience looking for detailed written information you wouldn’t clutter your website with a lot of pictures or animated graphics.


  • Choose your colors appropriately: While you might love that deep purple background and fluorescent pink coloured font, the combination may make your content difficult to read for any length of time.  Tip: dark type on a light background is best for reading.

2. Disorganized Layout 

In the quest to be original or unique some website owners put in place odd navigation bars that make it difficult for readers to find what they’re looking for. To avoid that choose a design that positions your navigation bar in a clear and central position – the top of the page is a good spot. 

Don’t overload the navigation bar with selections – choose what would be the most logical choices for your readers.  For example if you own an online writing business you might have as your main navigation bar selections: About Us; Services and Rates; Portfolio; Blog, and Contact.  You can then create sub-menus from those main headings, if needed. 

3. Poorly Produced Content 

One of the worst things you can do for your website is to publish poorly written content.  Remember your content is the “voice” that greets your prospective customers or clients when they land on your website. 

Make sure that the content on your web page is well-written (free of grammatical and spelling errors) and relevant to what your site is all about.  If your copy is weak you’ll lose your readers within seconds.

4. No Call to Action

Even if you engage your audience with an attractive, well laid out website containing clearly written and engaging content, if you don’t ask for what you want, you may not be in business for long. 

Make sure every page of your website has a call to action that supports your marketing and income earning strategy. Asking a reader to purchase a product or service or subscribe to your blog updates, newsletter or tip sheets are some examples of concrete calls to action. 

5. Broken or Outdated Links 

Imagine going into a store, seeing directions to the furniture department, following those directions only to find out that there is no furniture department – you were just following old signs that the store neglected to update. 

You’d be left thinking that establishment was pretty slack and unprofessional right? That’s how your visitors will feel if you have outdated or broken links on your website. 

Create a positive impression for visitors to your website and ensure that all your links are up to date and working. 

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