5 Quick and Easy Ways to Improve Your Website

Your website is your bread and butter. It’s the means by which any internet marketer actually makes money online. Therefore, it’s important to spend time on a regular basis improving your website. While many people avoid this process or make it an annual “spring cleaning” type of project, you can actually accomplish much in a short period of time. Here are 5 quick and easy ways to improve your website. 


This is about as basic, and as important, as it gets. Content is the breath of your website, you need it to live.  Adding fresh content accomplishes several website improvement goals. First it ensures you are feeding your audience valuable information on a regular basis and giving them something to come back to.  Stay fresh.

Additionally, regular content improves your search engine rankings which of course helps drive traffic, and profits.

Adding content doesn’t mean you have to publish long winded articles or reports, though you certainly can. Something as simple as a review, a worksheet, a template or blueprint or even a list are also valuable pieces of information and they go a long way toward improving your website.

Social Networking Plug-Ins

Social networking has become one of the most effective and potentially profitable means for building a business and certainly for boosting website traffic.  And because it’s so effective, developers have gone wild. Both Twitter and Facebook, the two hot social networking sites at the moment, have a number of plug-ins and widgets. You can add any number of these to your website to give it a fresh look and feel and to boost interaction. 

Take a look at your options, establish your goals, and choose one or two plug-ins that will help you blend social networking into your business website.

Update Your Opt-In Offer

Opt in offers and freebie giveaways can get stale. You can create a new offer and freebie to refresh both your website’s landing page and your opt-in list strategy.  If you’ve noticed a drop in subscribers, consider tackling this website improvement strategy first.  It may be as simple as revamping your current offer to draw interest.  

Add a Page

Adding a page to your website can take only a short time and it can help boost traffic, interest and profits.  Do you have a FAQ Page?  What about a Product Review Page?  Maybe a video sharing page?  Brainstorm your options. Consider what would offer value to your visitors? What would make them want to come to your website?

 User Generated Content 

User generated content can be as complicated as adding a forum to your website or it can be as simple as a “Share Your Story” page or a “Comments” plug-in.  And adding a user generated content feature to your website helps you achieve better SEO, traffic, and it helps you build a community of followers. 

Beyond The Quick And Easy 

If you’re not already blogging, consider revamping your website as a blog or adding a blog. This isn’t quick and easy in the sense that it’ll take five minutes and you’re done. However, it is an effective way to drive traffic and give your website a fresh look and feel.  

Updating your website doesn’t have to be a huge project. There are very effective steps you can take to update your site and keep it fresh that will take you less than a day to accomplish. Establish your goals, create a plan, and take action!

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