Homeschooling: on doing what works for you

Homeschooling parents have a dizzying array of educational philosophies and curriculum to choose from. It’s easy, especially as a new home educator, to lose confidence when presented with new ways of doing things. Learning how to “take what you want and leave the rest” is essential to your peace of mind and productivity as a […]

Break Your Energy Draining Habits

The problem with low energy is that it makes it incredibly difficult to put anything into action. If you have very low energy, then the chances of you being able to commit to a new training program, to a new diet or to a new lifestyle are relatively slim. Motivation is unfortunately predicated on energy, […]

You Have A Beautiful Future Waiting For You

What you do in meditation creates energy, creates realities that can then manifest in the physical world.  It’s the old mystical adage that thoughts become things, that physical reality is actually frozen thought.  Quantum physics has demonstrated repeatedly that physical matter is actually energy, that it vibrates at a frequency where it appears to be solid, but it’s […]

Cultivating Patience in an Impatience World

I use to think I was a very patient person.  Maybe I was many years ago.  But as I evaluate myself honestly and realize I am wondering why this page is taking so long to load or why is someone writing such a long message when it could have been said in a few words […]

Allowing Your Higher Self To Be Real

In the 1960s and 70s there was a popular movement in some spiritual circles where people affirmed, “I am God.  I am God.  I am God.”  For most, it was a very sincere effort to grow closer to God, closer to the Divine, but no matter how many times they said it, it didn’t feel […]

Minimalist Parenting

Minimalism has become a big buzzword online. When most people think of a minimalist, they imagine a single guy who lives a digital nomad lifestyle. But can you be a minimalist while parenting? Absolutely. Minimalism in a nutshell is about spending one’s time and money on what they truly cherish, and valuing experiences over things. […]

How to Do a Fiscal Freeze

Frugality, far from being about deprivation, has been a tool to help me unleash my creativity and meet important money goals. I recently embarked on a summer-long fiscal freeze to boost my family’s efforts to save money. Our goal? A down payment on a home. I made a list of acceptable purchases (needed clothing, groceries […]

The Number One Thing You Can Do To Increase Life Satisfaction

Want to know the number one secret for increasing life satisfaction?  It is such a simple thing, too!  Anyone can tap into this and really move the dial on your overall happiness meter. If you’re itching to find out, click on over and scratch that itch!

Do you know how to set a marketing budget?

Marketing budgeting is hard!  How do you know what to spend?    Truthfully all budgeting and accounting are the bane of my existence!  Everybody excels in certain areas.  I do not excel in accounting.  I can do it – but I don’t like it! Don’t get me wrong I love numbers and metrics.  But there […]

Customer Follow Up Calls For The Win

Running a 100% online business means we can create a fully automated customer follow up process that takes care of everything they need.  But I’ve discovered there’s good reason for a bit of human engagement in the form of a personal phone call to new customers. Read more about it here.