Don’t Talk Yourself Out Of Affiliate Marketing

When I was new to Affiliate Marketing, I totally psyched myself out of it. I signed up for a few affiliate programs, I don’t remember which, and I tried to promote them here and there and not surprisingly, I didn’t do well. (Meaning I didn’t make any sales.) I chalked it up to the idea […]

Repurposing Your Content – Easy Tips and Ideas

One of the best ways to get more bang for your buck is to learn how to repurpose your content. In addition to getting your money’s worth, it also maximizes your time and effort. Here are six tips and ideas for repurposing your content.

How Virtual Assistants Can Use PLR to Attract More Clients

Here’s a question that I received today. I thought it was such a valuable question that I wanted to share my response. Dear Nicole, I hear you talking about PLR articles, but I’m a Virtual Assistant, not an Internet Marketer. I need clients, not content. Why should I care? Dear Virtual Assistant: Thanks so much […]

Good Parenting: You Can’t Make Everything Fair For Your Kids

“It’s not fair she got more cereal than I did!” “It’s not fair he got more TV time then me. ” “It’s not fair he always gets to go to his friends house and I don’t” Does this sound familiar? There are some things that children say that send us running for cover. “It’s not […]

Power and Influence of Mommy Bloggers

While many may dismiss mom blogs as another form of gossip and talking about spit-up, the reality is that mom blogs have a great deal of influence particularly in the consumer market place. A good example of this is the controversial Motrin commercial. On a Friday in November 2008, Motrin launched an online video ad […]

In Business? Why You Need a Mailing List

Lately I’ve had several people ask me WHY they need a mailing list. It’s true that in the marketplace today, we hear many things about newsletters and mailing lists. Most experts will tell you that if you’re in business – whether it be direct sales, writing, selling your own product or service – you NEED […]

Resume Tips for Creative Professionals

 Image is everything when you’re a job seeker. In fact, your resume is a prospective employer’s first impression of you. This is especially true of anyone seeking job opportunities in a creative field like graphic design or media production, so it’s important to make that first impression count. Combine powerful content with a professional layout […]

5 Smart Solutions For Women Entrepreneurs on The Go

This week I’m writing to you from my childhood home in Charleston, West Virginia where I’m caring for my aging parents who are health challenged at the moment. Today, I’m going to share my best tips for running a business when traveling. With all the new gadgets and apps available to entrepreneurs today, business on […]

3 Simple Steps to Kick up Your Income in 2014

With only 41 days left in this year, now is the perfect time to plan your income goals for 2014 so you can enjoy the holidays and cross the threshold into the New Year with a confident plan of action. For those of you who find looking at your numbers similar to running nails down […]

3 Simple Steps to Better Decision Making

One of the biggest challenges I see people struggle with is making decisions. There’s this burning need inside of us to avoid making a mistake when it comes to choosing one over the other. They key is to know when a decision really matters (“should I marry this guy?”) or is it a mere blip […]